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Voltpost: Offering Curbside Charging for EVs Using Existing Street Lampposts

Image Credits: Voltpost
By: Headliners News / April 15, 2024

For electric vehicle (EV) owners without access to a garage or driveway, finding reliable charging solutions in big cities can often be quite challenging. Public fast chargers are often the go-to option, but they may not always be conveniently located. Some individuals resort to unsafe practices like stringing cables from their homes to the curb. However, Voltpost, a new and innovative tech startup based in New York City, proposes a more innovative solution: curbside charging using existing street lampposts.

Voltpost’s recently introduced lamppost charger retrofits existing street poles, leveraging their ubiquitous presence and built-in wiring infrastructure. The device, designed after a year of development, is essentially a shroud that covers the lower part of the lamppost, housing all the necessary electronics and cables for charging two to four EVs at Level 2 speeds. While not as fast as some alternatives, this solution is sufficient for overnight charging needs.

The charger features a user-friendly design, with the docking station positioned at hand level and a retractable cable anchored eight feet above ground level to ensure safety. Its modular design aims to simplify repairs and upgrades, while custom software enables charge station managers to control pricing and monitor devices remotely. Additionally, an accompanying app allows drivers to oversee charging sessions, make payments, and even reserve chargers, enhancing convenience while potentially alleviating neighborhood disputes.

Voltpost emphasizes the ease of installation, citing successful tests with the New York City Department of Transportation, where installation took just an hour. The startup reports ongoing projects in cities like New York, Chicago, and Detroit, reflecting growing interest in its innovative curbside charging solution. With a recent $3.6 million seed funding round, Voltpost is poised to further expand its footprint and revolutionize urban EV charging infrastructure.

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