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Visual Electric: Redefining the Canvas of AI Art Generation for Creatives

Image Credits: Visual Electric
By: Headliners News / December 18, 2023

In the ever-evolving space of AI art generation, Visual Electric emerges as a lighthouse of innovation, liberating creative minds from the confines of conventional chat interfaces. This new and innovative tech startup has officially unveiled their groundbreaking creative platform, introducing a dynamic, non-linear canvas Visual Electric is a generative AI creative platform that promises to reshape the way artists, designers, and enterprises interact with AI-generated visuals.

Breaking Away from the Norm: If you’ve explored text-to-image AI art generation services, the familiar chat interface has likely been a constant. However, Visual Electric seeks to disrupt this norm, offering a fresh perspective on AI-driven creativity. The company, emerging from stealth after securing a seed round from industry heavyweights Sequoia, BoxGroup, and Designer Fund, advocates for a more intuitive, visually-oriented approach.

Crafting a Better Product Experience: Colin Dunn, Founder and CEO of Visual Electric, emphasizes the need for tailored solutions in the realm of graphic design and concept art. With a rich background in product design and brand development, Dunn, along with co-founders Adam Menges and Zach Stiggelbout, aims to redefine the user experience. Visual Electric deliberately avoids launching its AI image generator, focusing instead on a model-agnostic approach. This decision underscores the belief that the user interface will be the key differentiator in the evolving landscape of AI art.

An Infinite Canvas for Creativity: Visual Electric’s standout feature is the introduction of an infinite virtual canvas, allowing users to generate and manipulate images dynamically. This departure from linear interfaces enables artists to explore creative paths freely. Users can compare images side-by-side, fostering a more fluid and non-linear creative process.

Enhanced User Interface: The text prompt box, a staple in AI art interfaces, has been repositioned to the top of the screen. To address the challenge of generating desired images from prompts, Visual Electric provides autocomplete suggestions in a drop-down field. Users can deviate from suggestions and input custom prompts, enhancing flexibility.

Revolutionizing Creative Workflows: The platform offers an array of tools, including the ability to remix or regenerate images based on initial prompts. The “touch-up” feature allows users to selectively edit specific areas, prompting AI to regenerate only the highlighted portions. Visual Electric empowers designers to take creative tasks that were once non-creative and transform them into fulfilling, imaginative endeavors.

Community-Centric Inspiration Feed: A unique aspect of Visual Electric is its “Inspiration” feed, resembling Pinterest, showcasing AI-generated images by users. This communal space allows users to hover over images, view prompts, and remix creations. The platform integrates inspiration and creation, bridging the gap between traditional design inspiration sites and creative tools.

Privacy and Security Commitment: Understanding the sensitivity of visual content, Visual Electric places a strong emphasis on privacy and security. While the default setting is public, the “Pro” plan offers privately stored images for enterprises and users with confidentiality concerns.

Pricing Plans for Varied Needs: Visual Electric caters to diverse user needs with its pricing plans. The free plan provides 40 generations per day for personal use. The standard plan, at $20 per month, introduces community sharing, faster speeds, and a royalty-free commercial usage license. The pro plan, priced at $60 per month, offers higher resolution images and privatized generations.

Unveiling a New Era: Visual Electric’s public launch marks the beginning of a new era in AI art generation. The platform’s commitment to user-centric design, creative freedom, and community collaboration positions it as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of AI-driven creativity.

As generative AI continues to grow in demand and adoption throughout the world at a rapid pace, creatives should keep an eye on Visual Electric for improving user-centric design and accelerating creative freedom for artists and designers.

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