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Topsort: The Auction-based Advertising Platform Made for Retailers in the Post-Cookie World

Image Credits: Topsort
By: Headliners News / March 27, 2024

As Regina Ye, co-founder of Topsort reflects on the two years since the launch of their auction-powered advertising startup and the valuable lessons learned. Having raised $8 million in seed funding in 2022, Topsort, valued at $110 million, focuses on retail media technology for small businesses, simplifying ad campaign creation on platforms like Meta, Amazon, and Google. The company provides a straightforward API that enables users to easily launch campaigns, incorporating features such as sponsored listings, banner ads, and video ads. With a plug-and-play approach, Topsort has gained popularity among e-commerce marketplaces globally, including Poshmark and

Recognizing the need for simplicity in the advertising space, Topsort has experienced substantial growth, almost tenfold in revenue in the previous year. The startup expanded its customer base to include enterprises like P&G, General Mills, and Danone. In a recent Series A funding round, Topsort secured an additional $20 million in capital, bringing the total raised to $28.6 million, with a post-money valuation of $150 million.

One of Topsort’s notable achievements is its adaptability in the face of changing industry dynamics, particularly the impending demise of cookies. The company is actively addressing privacy concerns associated with advertising by introducing a Cleanroom feature. This feature enables the amalgamation of user data without compromising privacy, positioning Topsort as a leader in offering a clean and transparent advertising solution in the post-cookie era.

Regina Ye emphasizes that Topsort has spent three years refining its offering, ultimately creating one of the most comprehensive solutions in the market. With a commitment to user privacy and a focus on clean advertising, Topsort aims to redefine the industry’s perception and maintain its impressive growth trajectory.

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