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The Folklore: The B2B Marketplace Helping Brands Get Into Global Retail Stores

Image Credits: The Folklore
By: Headliners News / April 25, 2024

Amira Rasool’s vision for The Folklore extends beyond mere fashion; it’s about empowering brands from emerging markets to thrive on the global stage. Since its inception in 2018, The Folklore has evolved into a multifaceted platform that transcends fashion, catering to a diverse array of consumer companies spanning beauty, health, and wellness.

With the introduction of The Folklore Connect in 2022, the startup pivoted to a B2B marketplace model, facilitating partnerships between brands and global retailers like Nordstrom. This strategic shift enables brands to reach broader audiences while providing retailers access to a curated selection of inventory from underrepresented creators.

Recognizing the challenges faced by emerging brands in scaling their operations, The Folklore is expanding its offerings to provide comprehensive support. A recent seed funding round, led by Benchstrength and backed by prominent investors, injects $3.4 million into the startup, empowering it to serve a broader spectrum of brands.

Central to The Folklore’s expansion strategy is a suite of new services designed to address the diverse needs of its brand partners. The introduction of The Folklore Capital offers brands access to working capital, with loans of up to $1 million available. This initiative aims to alleviate the financial barriers hindering small businesses‘ growth, particularly those from marginalized communities.

Moreover, The Folklore is bridging the talent gap by launching a labor marketplace, connecting brands with vetted professionals and manufacturers on an as-needed basis. This initiative enables brands to access specialized expertise without the overhead of maintaining full-time teams, fostering agility and efficiency in their operations.

By prioritizing the needs of its brand partners and aligning its offerings accordingly, The Folklore underscores its commitment to sustainable growth and community empowerment. As brands sign up for its B2B marketplace and SaaS product, they gain access to a wealth of resources, including capital, talent, and other essential support services, further fueling their journey toward success on the global stage.

With a clear focus on customer-centric innovation and a robust funding foundation, The Folklore is poised to redefine the landscape of B2B commerce, empowering emerging brands to realize their full potential and thrive in an increasingly competitive global market landscape.

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