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Texture Aims to Be The Go-to Platform in Energy Transition to Renewable Energy Sources

Image Credits: Texture
By: Headliners News / May 15, 2024

Often, throughout the tech world, the term “platform” often gets thrown around, and sometimes inaccurately. But at its core, a platform is a business model that generates more value for its participants than it captures for itself.

When you think about it: Some of the tech giants have made their mark by helping other businesses thrive. Microsoft fueled the PC revolution, while Apple’s App Store facilitated billions in developer revenue. Now, there is a serial startup veteran Sanjiv Sanghavi is on a mission to create the energy transition’s equivalent.

After several years as a venture partner at Day One Ventures searching for such a company, Sanghavi decided to build it himself. Meet Texture, a new and innovative startup venture aiming to become the go-to platform for renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and batteries.

While the past decade saw tremendous progress in distributing energy hardware, Sanghavi believes the true potential lies in aggregating these resources to displace fossil fuels. However, with systems from various manufacturers, communication and interoperability pose significant challenges.

Texture steps in as the bridge, collecting and sharing data directly from the equipment itself. It connects with manufacturers via APIs or builds the necessary software for those without APIs. By fostering collaboration rather than reinventing the wheel, Texture is aiming to accelerate progress across the board.

By targeting installers and virtual power plant operators, Texture’s product empowers users to sell more by providing valuable insights. With a pricing model based on managed megawatts, the startup recently secured a $7.5 million seed round to further develop its offering and onboard initial customers.

While not every supplier has jumped on board yet, Sanghavi remains very optimistic. He believes Texture’s value proposition—expanding the market for all involved—will win them over. If proven successful, Texture could truly become the go-to platform for driving the energy transition forward.

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