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StealthMole: The AI-Powered Dark Web Threat Intelligence Platform for Enterprise IT Security

Image Credits: StealthMole
By: Headliners News / April 8, 2024

In the ever-evolving mysterious world of cybersecurity, where the shadows of digital malfeasance loom large, StealthMole has emerged as a stalwart guardian, armed with cutting-edge AI technology and an unwavering commitment to combatting cyber threats. Breaking the silence with resounding clarity, the Singapore-headquartered startup, bolstered by an R&D stronghold in South Korea, proudly declares a triumphant stride forward—a $7 million Series A funding round to fortify its arsenal and expand its reach.

Founded in the crucible of necessity and expertise in 2022, StealthMole bears the indelible imprint of Louis Hur, a luminary in enterprise IT security and a seasoned entrepreneur in the realm of cybersecurity, alongside Simon Choi, a venerable figure in the annals of threat investigation and open-source intelligence profiling. Their convergence heralded the genesis of a transformative vision—a vision predicated on filling the gaping void in Asia’s cybersecurity landscape.

Fueled by a potent blend of innovation and pragmatism, StealthMole stands as a bastion of vigilance, serving over 50 clients spanning 17 nations across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. With a clientele ranging from governmental and law enforcement agencies to enterprise cybersecurity entities, StealthMole wields its formidable array of tools to stave off cyber incursions, unravel clandestine networks, and safeguard digital sanctity.

Central to StealthMole’s arsenal is its unparalleled access to the shadowy recesses of the digital underworld—a domain teeming with clandestine activities and veiled threats. Leveraging 255 billion meticulously scrutinized data points culled from the dark web, deep web, and sundry covert sources, including leaked databases and cybercriminal havens, StealthMole unveils the machinations of malevolent actors and empowers its clientele to proactively counter looming perils.

Yet, amidst a cacophony of cybersecurity enterprises, StealthMole distinguishes itself through its singular focus on the nuances of Asia-centric threats—a realm fraught with complexities and idiosyncrasies. As Kevin Yoo, the company’s astute Chief Operating Officer elucidates, Asia’s precipitous ascent in cyberattacks underscores the imperative for bespoke solutions tailored to the region’s unique business challenges. A report by Check Point Research bears testament to this reality, revealing a surge in cyber incursions amidst Asia’s rapid digital metamorphosis—a trend that StealthMole is uniquely positioned to address.

Guided by the tenets of innovation, integrity, and unwavering resolve, StealthMole forges ahead into uncharted territories, propelled by the faith of stalwart investors. Led by Korea Investment Partners and buoyed by the robust backing of Hibiscus Fund and Smilegate Investment, the Series A financing imbues StealthMole with newfound vigor, facilitating the establishment of additional R&D hubs and heralding a new chapter in its quest to safeguard the digital realm from the clutches of malevolence.

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