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Skej Helps Make Scheduling Meetings Easier with Their AI Assistant

Image Credits: Skej
By: Headliners News / June 13, 2024

Scheduling meetings can be a tedious task, but Skej, a new and innovative tech startup, aims to streamline the process with its AI assistant that seamlessly integrates into email conversations.

Unlike other scheduling tools such as Calendly, Skej doesn’t require users to manually browse through availability slots. Instead, it scans Calendly links to identify mutual availability and automatically schedules meetings, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication.

Co-founder and CEO Paul Canetti, who previously founded MAZ Systems and worked on another meetings startup, recognized the limitations of existing scheduling platforms. He envisioned an AI assistant that mimicked the capabilities of a human executive assistant, understanding the nuances of scheduling and context.

To use Skej, users simply add its email address to their conversation, allowing it to access their calendars. The AI then assists in finding suitable meeting times, responding to requests within the email thread.

Skej leverages various AI models to interpret email language and manage scheduling conflicts, functioning as a marketplace for matching times. It also allows users to categorize contacts and calendars for efficient organization.

Despite investor interest in developing an app, Skej remains committed to its agnostic approach, adapting to users’ existing workflows without imposing additional tools or apps.

Backed by pre-seed investors including Betaworks and Mozilla Ventures, Skej is currently in public beta, serving over 1,000 users. While free during beta testing, the service will introduce a paid tier in the future.

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