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Siena: The Empathetic AI Agent for Better Customer Service

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By: Headliners News / November 22, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, where delivering exceptional customer experiences is paramount, Siena has emerged as a game-changer, while seamlessly blending the efficiency of artificial intelligence with the empathetic touch of a human. Co-founded by Andrei Negrau and Lisa Popovici, both seasoned veterans with eight years of experience in the e-commerce domain, Siena is on a mission to redefine customer service by infusing human-like understanding and empathy with AI.

The duo’s journey into the e-commerce realm began with a focus on software development for Shopify merchants, providing them with tools to enhance their operations. However, the need for a customer service solution that seamlessly combines the advantages of AI automation with the human touch became apparent.

Chatbots, a common tool for addressing customer queries, often follow scripts, leading to frustrating interactions. Siena’s co-founders identified the need for an AI customer service agent that goes beyond scripted responses, understanding context and responding empathetically like a human. Their vision is encapsulated in Siena, a solution designed to automate tasks while preserving a brand’s unique voice and style.

What sets Siena apart are three key features: AI Personas, a revolutionary tool allowing merchants to create distinct personas that embody their brand’s voice on different platforms, maintaining brand consistency. Second is the capability to handle multiple tasks within the same interaction, streamlining processes such as order data retrieval, product photo requests, shipping address changes, and replacement product dispatch. The third standout feature is the Cognitive Reasoning-based Engine (CORE), a sophisticated engine designed to navigate complex customer service issues and determine the optimal resolution path.

While injecting AI into customer service is not a novel concept, Negrau and Popovici emphasize the unique aspects of Siena. The platform has garnered attention for its innovative approach, attracting investors who recently injected $4.7 million in seed funding. Sierra Ventures, Pari Passu Ventures, Spacestation Investments, Village Global, The Council, and OpenSky Ventures are among the investors recognizing the potential of Siena AI.

In just six months since their launch, Siena AI has already secured 65 customers, including some notable brands like Kitsch, Simple Modern, and Everyday Dose. The platform manages up to 80% of customer interactions across a multitude of languages and channels, demonstrating its versatility in handling emails, texts, social media direct messages, and comments.

The co-founders are strategically utilizing the recently acquired funding to bolster hiring efforts, enhance go-to-market capabilities, and advance technology development. Over the next 12 months, their vision is to evolve Siena AI into a fully autonomous agent, providing customers with a seamless and empathetic experience. The company is also launching the Siena AI Academy, a learning hub to empower customers in integrating AI into their customer service workflows.

Their team has expressed great confidence in the future of Siena, being that their flagship product, the autonomous agent, is going to be in a great position by the second quarter of 2024. They know what’s not working, and will continue to help guide their customers toward what they know is working well. As Siena navigates the next phase of their journey, the co-founders of this innovative startup are poised to shape the future of customer service with their innovative and empathetic approach for all.

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