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Shimmer: The Platform for 1:1 Personalized Coaching for Adults Grappling with ADHD

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By: Headliners News / January 11, 2024

In a noteworthy development, the recent Y Combinator graduate Shimmer has successfully secured $2.2 million in a seed funding round, spearheaded by Worklife Ventures and Seed to B. This innovative platform specializes in 1:1 personalized coaching for adults grappling with ADHD, offering a unique blend of video coaching, productivity tools, and science-backed learning modules.

Established back in 2021 by CEO Christal Wang and CTO Vikram Sreedhar, Shimmer stands out as a creation of a neurodiverse entrepreneur who opted to depart from the Berkeley-Haas’ MBA/MPH program to embark on this groundbreaking venture. Wang, having received an ADHD diagnosis, sought alternative behavioral solutions beyond medication. Frustrated by the exorbitant costs and complexity of existing ADHD coaching options, Wang, alongside Sreedhar, decided to create a platform that addressed these issues head-on and made ADHD coaching more accessible to everyone.

Shimmer App - Helping Adults with ADHD Get Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching Online

Photo Credit: Shimmer

Shimmer offers a variety of coaching packages, with the most popular one providing adults with ADHD 30-minute coaching sessions per week at $230 per month. The platform also caters to different preferences with weekly 15-minute or 45-minute coaching sessions available at $140 or $345 per month, respectively.

Upon signing up, new users undergo a thorough assessment of their ADHD background, specific challenges, and coach preferences. Subsequently, they are matched with one of Shimmer’s 30+ ADHD coaches. Users gain access to a mix of video, text, and visual resources and exercises. Weekly meetings with their coaches, coupled with a series of prescribed actions, contribute to users progressing toward their goals.

Since its inception just over a year ago in October 2022, Shimmer has conducted over 15,000 coaching sessions. Available on iOS, Android, and the web, the platform has primarily attracted users aged between 20 and 50, dealing with common challenges such as time management, emotional resilience, self-acceptance, habit formation, procrastination, motivation, and general productivity.

With the recent funding injection, Shimmer plans to collaborate with providers, payors, and employers to alleviate out-of-pocket costs for members accessing ADHD coaching. Additionally, the startup intends to leverage AI to enhance coaching efficiency without compromising authenticity.

Shimmer’s seed funding, which included contributions from Aglaé Ventures, Koa Labs, and Gaingels, brings the total funding raised to $3.5 million. Looking ahead, Shimmer envisions expanding its scope beyond ADHD services to cater to various neuro-types in their personal development journeys, including those with autism. This innovative startup aims to play a pivotal role in fostering inclusive spaces and supporting neurodiverse communities through initiatives such as corporate training and community support. The roadmap for Shimmer foresees a future where technology seamlessly integrates into the lives of neurodiverse individuals, empowering them to achieve their life and business goals.

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