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SERVCON: Managing & Maintaining Facilities Nationwide

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By: Headliners News / November 15, 2023

SERVCON is a facility maintenance and management company that services the entire United States. Founded in February of 2016 by Bradley Scorse with a vision in mind to make facility maintenance services simple. To date, SERVCON maintains and manages over 150 million square feet of commercial real estate across the United States.

They specialize in break/fix maintenance, reactive maintenance, scheduled maintenance, along with small, medium, and large scale remodels, rebranding, and refresh projects. Their focus is mainly on commercial retail, transportation, consumer staples, and discretionary sectors. Each year they work with over 1,500 small businesses across the country to drive more business to blue collar workers. 

SERVCON was created as an answer to prevalent industry issues. Inherently problem solvers, when they witnessed several serious industry challenges such as unreliable service, compromised quality, untidy work environments, miscalculated job costing, and a general indifference towards customer safety, they took heed and acted decisively. This proactive approach was molded into their signature 360 Service. At every juncture, they aimed to provide value to all stakeholders in the facility maintenance and management process.

From the outset, the SERVCON team has revolutionized the client experience. Every project they handle is marked by impeccable quality, outstanding service, and promptness. They have demystified procedures, streamlined services, and ensured that their vendors resonate with both SERVCON’s principles and those of their clients.

This transformative approach has fostered a bond of trust and loyalty with their clientele. Clients are assured of punctuality, eagerly anticipate cost savings, and are consistently impressed with the reliability SERVCON offers. Their strategies have proven effective, and they are eager to collaborate with new partners.

Some background from founder & CEO, Brad Scorse… 

What inspired you to start your business? What was the Eureka moment that compelled you to take action? 

Terrible customer service and poor relationships inspired me to launch the company in 2016. Having 15 years in the hospitality industry, I quickly realized where the service and relationships in an industry of ruggedness could create value for everyone involved. 

How are you working to differentiate yourself from other existing service providers in the market?

We have differentiating factors of service, response times and relationships. We enter into partnerships with our clients only with the intention to create value. So far, SERVCON has gone on to build and grow a solid foundation on strong operating principles and core values. Their culture “SCREAMS” Service. Their entire team firmly believes in doing the right thing, all the time, for all of their members. And, their core values and operating principles align with our vision of 360 Service so we can complete our mission of making full service simple.

The SERVCON Value Offerings… 

When partnerships are created value is always returned. When we commit, we commit to delivering quality, service, and savings. All of our customers see a regular return. Whether it be on the bottom line, efficiency of vendor management, or streamlining services we work together to have an impact. These partnerships often result in 15-20% in savings too.

When certain functions of an organization or business become operationally challenging, outsourcing becomes an effective option. SERVCON is the best choice for your facility maintenance and management services.

Considering SERVCON for Facility Maintenance & Management

Having an incredible amount of experience maintaining and managing commercial real estate of all types and sizes, while offering several other highly needed services. SERVCON is on a mission to make full service simple for you and yours. Check them out if you’re in need of upping your facility management operations. They have the experience, know-how, and the highest service standards in the industry.

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