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Seam Makes Customer Data Accessible to Every Business User using Generative AI

Image Credits: Seam
By: Headliners News / June 10, 2024

As businesses increasingly recognize the pivotal role of data accessibility in driving success, the founders of Seam, an early-stage tech startup, have firsthand experience with the challenges of making data available to all users, irrespective of their technical acumen. Stemming from their tenure at Okta, they identified the need to democratize data access and decided to address this issue, particularly concerning customer data.

Announcing a $5 million seed funding round on Tuesday, Seam is poised to transform their vision into reality, unveiling their product to the public for the first time. Currently they’re developing what they refer to as an AI interface for customer information. Their mission is to empower business users of all technical backgrounds to harness data to address any queries they may have.

Their solution revolves around a generative AI prompt interface, enabling users to pose questions about customer data and receive answers without the need for SQL expertise. Their team is building an end-to-end system that offers a simple chat interface, allowing users to engage with their data using natural language, particularly focusing on sales and marketing systems.

Existing systems often mandate SQL proficiency to extract insights from data warehouses—Seam, built atop Snowflake, aims to alleviate this requirement, bridging the gap for business users. By leveraging generative AI, the platform translates plain language queries into SQL code automatically, delivering prompt responses. Scavone and his co-founders seized upon this capability as a viable business opportunity.

According to their team, by identifying friction within a business process, it often unveils opportunities, coinciding with the AI technology shift. Then suddenly, it became more feasible to tackle this challenge using natural language, sans SQL proficiency.

Launched back in March 2023, Seam underwent a year-long development journey, grappling with the complexity of simplifying a task that even a seasoned team at Okta found daunting. Noting that the extensive data infrastructure setup, integration with over 20 applications, and streamlining pipeline creation posed significant challenges. Automating what previously required a team of skilled professionals necessitated substantial effort.

Now, with a robust platform in place, Seam gears up for market expansion. They’re poised for achieving significant growth, as their platform is robust, production-grade, and are collaborating with several esteemed enterprises.

The $5 million seed funding, spearheaded by Bessemer Venture Partners and complemented by investments from Colle Capital, F7 Ventures, Ritual Capital, Umami Capital, and industry angels, underscores investor confidence in Seam’s transformative potential.

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