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Seal Security Simplifies The Process of Remediating Vulnerabilities in Open-Source Libraries

Image Credits: Seal Security
By: Headliners News / March 5, 2024

Meet Seal Security, a new and innovative Israeli startup founded by former members of Israel’s Unit 8200 intelligence unit, has recently secured $7.4 million in a seed funding round led by Vertex Ventures Israel, with participation from Crew Capital, PayPal Alumni Fund, and Cyber Club London.

This tech startup, emerging from stealth mode, focuses on simplifying the process of remediating vulnerabilities in open-source libraries. In response to the heightened awareness of software supply chain security, particularly after the Log4j vulnerability discovery and the White House’s executive order, Seal Security offers a unique approach. Instead of solely alerting developers about vulnerabilities, Seal Security actively patches the vulnerable packages, providing a more comprehensive solution.

The founders of Seal Security, Itamar Sher (CEO), Lev Pachmanov (CTO), and Alon Navon (CPO), have backgrounds in Israel’s Unit 8200 intelligence unit and have previously worked at companies such as Cymmetria, Curv, and PayPal. Recognizing the challenges in managing open-source vulnerabilities and the overwhelming number of alerts faced by developers, the team developed a solution that automates the remediation process.

By integrating with GitHub, the startup enables the seamless application of patches within a company’s CI/CD pipeline. The company’s technology creates patches using automation and leverages large language models to identify the commit that introduced a specific patch.

Seal Security’s approach not only addresses the issue of alert fatigue but also aims to streamline security patch management, allowing organizations to efficiently eliminate vulnerabilities. The funding secured will be utilized to support the company’s growth, further development efforts, and expansion of its solutions. Seal Security’s commitment to simplifying open-source vulnerability remediation aligns with the evolving landscape of software security, where proactive measures are essential in addressing potential threats in the development lifecycle.

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