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Screen Skinz: Personalizing Smart Phone Screen Protectors that Pop Off Your Screen

Image Credits: Screen Skinz
By: Headliners News / May 8, 2024

In high school, Clay Canning had a lightbulb moment: why not have smartphone screen protectors that showcase cool logos right on the screen? Fast forward, and he teamed up with Rashaun Brown, who was steeped in sports and licensing. Together, they birthed Screen Skinz.

What’s the buzz? Screen Skinz crafts custom, patent-pending phone screen protectors sporting personalized logos or catchphrases. These designs pop when your phone screen is off but vanish when it’s in use. You can either whip up your own design or take your pick from Screen Skinz’s collection.

The phone accessories world has always been bustling, with the global screen protector market valued at a whopping $51 billion as of 2023. Screen Skinz has already inked creative licenses with bigwigs like the NFL, NBA, Marvel, and WWE.

The latest cash injection enabled Screen Skinz to relocate manufacturing from Asia to the U.S., granting tighter reins over its supply chain. The company is dead set on ramping up its game in the screen protection arena. While currently zoned in on smartphones, they’re eyeing tablets for the future. With their IP, they can essentially safeguard the screens of any mobile device with a backlit display and a need for protection.

Their recent fundraising journey took about a year to seal the seed round, as they deliberately took their sweet time, fine-tuning their supply chain and prepping inventory for a grand market entrance, as they wanted to show investors a realistic vision, Screen Skinz crossed paths with co-lead investor Abo Ventures through Brown’s connections from his Texas A&M days. They bumped into South Loop Ventures while rocking the stage at DivInc’s Sports Tech Accelerator in Houston.

Michelle Micone, former SVP of consumer products at NFL and Hasbro, applauded the team’s fresh concept and knack for nailing down manufacturing and logistics. Customers crave personalization, but delivering it on time and at a fair price is often a difficult task. However, Screen Skinz seems to have cracked the code.

Joining the funding fray are heavyweights like Brent Montgomery, CEO of Wheelhouse Entertainment, alongside Wayne Pfeffer and Brendan O’Donnel, former directors of worldwide mobile accessory products at Apple. Pfeffer was especially drawn to the idea of injecting personal flair into screen protectors.

The team has hinted at possible future funding rounds, with business partnerships already in the pipeline, as Screen Skinz is laser-focused on snagging more customers and deepening its licensing ties.

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