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Sanlo Helps Level Up Gaming Developers with New Webshop Tool

Image Credits: Sanlo
By: Headliners News / May 20, 2024

Gaming just got a financial boost with Sanlo‘s latest innovation. The innovative fintech startup, known for its prowess in gaming finance management, recently unveiled its webshop tool in a closed beta release, offering select game developers and studios a seamless plug-and-play solution to supercharge their revenue streams. Excited developers can now sign up for a demo, that kicking off not long ago.

Navigating the app store world, particularly with Google and Apple’s hefty 30% in-app purchase fee, has become increasingly daunting for small- to mid-size gaming outfits. Epic Games has long decried Apple’s revenue cut as predatory, especially toward smaller enterprises.

Enter the webshop trend—a game-changer allowing companies to sidestep app store fees by hosting their own stores on websites, typically at a much lower rate (around 4-10%). Besides the cost advantage, webshops offer a direct sales channel, potentially boosting revenue by up to 25% compared to app store purchases, according to Sanlo.

Olya Caliujnaia, Sanlo’s co-founder and CEO, emphasizes the strategic value of webshops, being a tactical step that has proven to drive revenue, particularly with engaged players who enjoy exclusive offers and promotions.

Sanlo’s webshop tool empowers developers with a plethora of promotional features, from exclusive digital items to loyalty programs, enticing more players to explore and invest in games. Armed with insights into player behavior and preferences, developers can tailor offers to individual users, maximizing engagement and monetization.

The flexibility extends to pricing, with “no price caps” imposed by Sanlo. Earnings from webshop sales are swiftly deposited into developers’ accounts weekly, ensuring a seamless revenue flow.

However, promoting webshops within mobile games faces hurdles from Apple and Google. Sanlo tackles this challenge head-on with a suite of marketing tools, including in-game prompts, email campaigns, and ROAS tracking, empowering developers to drive webshop visibility and ROI.

Fusebox Games, the creative minds behind “Love Island” inspired mobile titles, is among the early adopters of Sanlo’s webshop platform. Terry Lee, COO at Fusebox, highlights the appeal of Sanlo’s user-friendly approach and dedicated support.

Sanlo’s webshop tool is poised for a broader rollout to all developers this summer. Founded in 2020 by Olya Caliujnaia and William Liu, the company boasts a seasoned team with extensive experience in finance, gaming, and technology.

With $13.5 million in total funding and backing from top-tier investors like Initial Capital and Index Ventures, Sanlo is primed to revolutionize gaming finance, one webshop at a time. As webshop solutions gain traction, Sanlo’s entry promises to level up the playing field for developers worldwide.

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