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Samara Aims to Optimize Solar Installations and Accelerate The Transition to Solar Energy

Image Credits: Samara
By: Headliners News / June 24, 2024

Meet Samara, a new Spanish startup who is playing a pivotal role in accelerating the energy transition in Southern Europe, one solar panel at a time. Following Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine, solar energy has gained significant traction in Europe due to rising electricity prices and decreasing installation costs. This shift is facilitated by new subsidies, advanced technology, and innovative startups like Samara.

Founded in 2022, Samara has rapidly grown and recently secured a €9 million ($9.8 million) Series A funding round. Co-founder Manel Pujol shared with TechCrunch that the company has supported over 1,700 families in transitioning to solar energy and other sustainable energy products. Samara’s rapid growth has positioned it as one of the fastest-growing energy transition companies in Spain.

Samara’s approach focuses on optimizing the installation process. Prospective customers can visit Samara’s website, enter basic information, and receive a preliminary quote and savings estimate. This initial step is crucial as customers can potentially save up to 70% on their electricity consumption from the grid, especially given Spain’s high solar potential.

After the initial inquiry, Samara follows up to gather more details and create a personalized installation proposal using their proprietary offer builder. If the customer agrees to proceed, Samara manages the entire process, including permitting, procurement, and project management, with dedicated teams of project managers and electrical engineers.

For the installation phase, Samara employs a hybrid strategy with both an in-house team and third-party partners. This approach has dual benefits: it improves the overall product through direct feedback from the internal team and expands Samara’s reach via a marketplace of installers, covering 75% of Spain. This marketplace model also provides a competitive edge, allowing small solar installation companies to offer end-to-end services and boosting their revenue with Samara’s customer base.

In addition to solar panels, Samara provides batteries for homes and electric vehicle (EV) chargers. These add-ons further reduce electricity bills and support the transition to renewable energy. Currently, 20% of Samara’s solar projects include these additional products, indicating significant growth potential, especially as Spain lags behind countries like Germany, the UK, and Italy in adopting batteries and EV chargers.

Despite its progress, Samara has only just begun to tap into Spain’s vast potential market, with around 6 million households yet to transition to solar energy. Comparatively, similar startups like Germany’s Zolar and France’s Effy have secured substantial funding, highlighting the increasing investor interest in energy renovation.

Samara’s recent Series A round was led by Green Generation Fund and Move Energy, with participation from Ring Capital, Athletico Ventures, and existing investors Seaya and Pelion Green Future. Since its inception, the startup has raised a total of €15.5 million ($16.9 million).

By leveraging this funding, Samara aims to continue its mission of transforming the energy landscape in Spain, helping more households transition to solar energy and contributing to a sustainable future.

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