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Robovision: Addressing Labor Shortages in Manufacturing & Agriculture with AI-Powered Automation Solutions

Image Credits: Robovision
By: Headliners News / April 19, 2024

Meet Robovision, a Belgian-based tech startup who is addressing labor shortages in sectors like manufacturing and agriculture by offering AI-powered automation solutions. The startup’s no-code computer vision AI platform enables businesses to implement deep learning tools without the need for software developers or data scientists, streamlining the process of data collection, model testing, and deployment.

Robovision’s platform has a wide range of applications, from recognizing fruit in supermarkets to identifying faults in electrical components. Its user-friendly interface allows customers to upload data, label it, and deploy AI models for various use cases. With customers in 45 countries, Robovision is now expanding to the U.S. market following a $42 million Series A funding round co-led by Astanor Ventures and Target Global.

One of the challenges Robovision faces is crafting a clear messaging and go-to-market strategy for different sectors while leveraging learnings and experiments across applications. Despite this challenge, the company has seen traction in agtech, life sciences, and industrial manufacturing, with partners like Hitachi using its platform for semiconductor production.

Robovision’s Belgian roots have contributed to its success, with a talented team from Ghent University driving its early development. The company’s evolution includes launching Robovision Edge to meet the demand for low latency and fast delivery speed in certain environments.

As global competition intensifies, innovation and productivity become essential for success. Robovision aims to continue innovating and providing solutions that empower businesses to do more with less, driving growth and competitiveness in today’s market.

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