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Relevance AI: This Low-code Platform Enables Businesses to Build AI Teams

Image Credits: iStockcom/demaerre
By: Headliners News / December 28, 2023

In the ever-evolving space of artificial intelligence, Relevance AI, an Australia-based startup has emerged as a catalyst, aiming to democratize the creation of AI teams for businesses of all sizes. The company introduces a SaaS-based low-code platform that empowers companies to build custom AI agents seamlessly, irrespective of their engineering team size. With a recent injection of $10 million (AUD 15 million) in a Series A funding round led by King River Capital, and participation from global investors Peak XV’s Surge, Galileo Venture, and Insight Partners, Relevance AI’s total funding reaches $13.2 million.

Co-founder Daniel Vassilev emphasized their mission, stating in an interview with TechCrunch, “Our mission is to enable teams only to be limited by their ideas, not their size — from the seasoned industry player to the ambitious newcomer.” The platform is designed to eliminate complexity, enabling AI agents to autonomously handle detailed workflows and complex tasks with precision, reliability, and trust, thus maximizing productivity.

Over the past several months, Relevance AI claims to have garnered approximately 6,000 sign-ups from companies and facilitated over 250,000 tasks, ranging from customer inquiries and outbound sales to market research. The startup has already onboarded some of the major players in the tech, retail, and fast-moving consumer goods sectors.

Focusing initially on two verticals — sales and support teams — Relevance AI offers two key products: AI Tools and AI Agents. The AI Tools seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, automating repetitive tasks, while the AI Agents function as dedicated AI co-workers capable of completing end-to-end workflows, spanning research, marketing, and sales.

The latest addition to Relevance AI’s flagship AI agent lineup is the Business Development Representative (BDR) agent, strategically designed to enhance sales team efficiency by automating inbox management, follow-ups, and basic queries, allowing more time for impactful sales calls.

According to co-founder Vassilev,  he believes that every team will have hired at least one AI agent by 2025, and by 2030 have a full-fledged AI team supporting them too. The company envisions a future where AI seamlessly integrates into teams, offering task-based outcomes and streamlining work delegation, distinguishing itself from traditional chat interfaces.

Relevance AI aims to transcend text-based interactions, exploring multi-modal use cases involving image and audio to broaden its application spectrum. With a current team of 19, the company plans to scale up to around 30 by mid-2024 and expand its presence with a San Francisco office in the coming year. As businesses embrace the transformative potential of Relevance AI, the vision of a future driven by AI autonomy and efficiency comes to the forefront, reshaping the dynamics of work delegation and task automation.

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