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Refilled: This Smart Drink Dispenser is On a Mission to Save 100 Million Plastic Bottles from Landfills

Image Credits: Refilled
By: Headliners News / November 29, 2023

In the wake of the Australian government’s recent imposition of stringent packaging regulations, triggered by a disconcerting discovery that only 18% of plastic packaging is being recycled, Refilled, a pioneering Sydney-based startup, has emerged as a beacon of sustainable innovation. The company, guided by its mission to divert one million plastic bottles from landfills, introduces an inventive solution through its smart drink dispensers, specifically designed for use with reusable bottles.

With a resolute commitment to addressing the environmental crisis and a keen focus on surpassing the 70% recycling target by 2025, Refilled proudly announces a successful seed funding round, securing $1.3 million AUD (~$845,000 USD). This financial infusion, spearheaded by impact investor Melt Ventures and featuring participation from notable figures such as Cyan Ta’eed and Collis Ta’eed, co-founders of Envato, will be instrumental in scaling up production. Refilled plans to manufacture 100 Refiller drink stations at its Penrith, NSW factory.

Having garnered early acclaim from esteemed clientele including Google, Refilled’s Refiller dispensers are strategically positioned in shared spaces such as gyms, universities, and offices, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional bottled and canned drink machines. The deployment of Refillers at Google’s Sydney office, University of Technology Sydney, University of Sydney, Aeona co-working space, and The Sydney Green House Tech Hub underscores the broad appeal of this eco-friendly initiative.

Founder Ryan Nelson, previously a co-founder of Foodbomb, draws inspiration from his experience in the food industry, recognizing the pressing need for sustainable alternatives. The genesis of Refilled occurred during a visit to a gym, where the absence of water refill options prompted Nelson to conceptualize a solution. The result is a dispenser that not only reduces environmental impact but also caters to diverse consumer preferences by offering still and sparkling drinks in numerous flavors, with optional additions of caffeine, vitamins, and nootropics.

Refilled’s Refillers stand apart from traditional beverage dispensers, boasting features tailored for shared spaces. Accepting credit card payments, tracking real-time sales, and monitoring CO2 levels ensure operational efficiency. Each machine can store a remarkable 100 times more beverages than a conventional vending machine, streamlining restocking logistics and reducing delivery costs.

This up & coming startup faces a bit of competition from two fronts: industry giants like Coca Cola, PepsiCo, and Nestle, and closer rivals such as Bevi, Zip, and Billi Taps. Refilled positions itself as a greener alternative, aiming to seize market share from beverages served in plastic bottles or metal cans. The company’s commitment to sustainability is complemented by its focus on providing all-natural, Australian-made flavors, setting it apart in a market where user experience and taste preferences play pivotal roles.

Recognizing climate change as a formidable threat to the planet, the impact venture acknowledges the urgent need for action to avert its potentially catastrophic consequences. The manifestations of this global issue, from rising temperatures to extreme weather events and melting ice caps, underscore the imperative for immediate intervention.

Refilled Co-Founders

This amazing impact venture firmly believes that both individuals and businesses bear a responsibility to curtail their carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future. Emphasizing the urgency of the situation, they advocate for supporting sustainable businesses and adopting practices that diminish environmental impact. The time for action is now, with the understanding that delaying is a luxury the world cannot afford. By collectively endorsing sustainability, they aim to forge a path toward a better future for current and upcoming generations.

They invite others to join their commitment to sustainability and participate in addressing climate change. The belief is that through collective efforts, a positive impact can be made, ultimately building a more sustainable world for all. In alignment with this vision, their all-natural beverage concentrates are meticulously crafted to provide delicious and health-conscious drinks that not only benefit individuals but also contribute positively to the planet.

Utilizing only the freshest, sustainably-sourced ingredients, their drinks are void of additives, artificial flavors, and colors. Refilled takes pride in offering a diverse range of flavors to cater to various preferences and dietary needs. The commitment to sustainability extends to their packaging, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Emphasizing accessibility to everyone, they advocate for the enjoyment of delicious and healthy drinks that are environmentally friendly. The introduction of the Refilled+ subscription serves as an incentive for circularity and rewards sustainability. By choosing to become a Climate Champion and regularly refilling, individuals can access refills for as little as $1.00, offering an affordable alternative to typical bottled water.

Highlighting the exorbitant costs associated with bottled water in Australia, where individuals spent an average of $580 on 504 liters per person in 2021, the venture aims to disrupt this pattern. With Refilled, plain water is offered completely free, challenging the norm of paying for chilled, basic water and encouraging a shift towards a more sustainable and economical choice.

In a testament to Refilled’s strategic vision, Collis Ta’eed remarks on the brilliance of their approach, asserting that sustainability alone is insufficient to drive consumer behavior change. Refilled combines ecological responsibility with a more affordable and enhanced beverage experience, creating a compelling win-win proposition for both the consumer and the planet.

Refilled is on a mission to help the world eliminate 100 million single-use plastics bottles by 2030! Join this amazing cause and help save the planet from plastic, one refill at a time!

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