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Poseidona: Developing Technology to Remove Invasive Seaweed & Algae from Oceans and Turn it into Food

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By: Headliners News / March 20, 2024

Meet Poseidona, a Barcelona-based startup, is tackling the global issue of invasive algae by transforming it into a valuable resource: protein ingredients for food. Founded by Sònia Hurtado and María Cermeño, Poseidona aims to combat the harmful effects of seaweed infestations while addressing the growing demand for sustainable protein alternatives.

The inspiration for Poseidona stemmed from Hurtado’s firsthand observations of the detrimental impact of invasive seaweed species, such as Rugulopteryx okamurae, on the Mediterranean coastline. Witnessing the ecological disruptions caused by these algae invasions, Hurtado recognized an opportunity to repurpose these abundant marine organisms into a valuable food source.

Teaming up with Cermeño, an expert in protein extraction from circular food materials, Hurtado co-founded Poseidona with the vision of leveraging innovative technology to address both environmental and dietary challenges. By harnessing enzymatic hydrolysis and other advanced processes, Poseidona transforms invasive seaweed and agricultural side-streams into high-quality protein ingredients, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional soy protein.

One of Poseidona’s key innovations lies in its ability to extract protein from seaweed while ensuring optimal taste, color, and nutritional value. By carefully refining their extraction methods and selecting the right combination of enzymes, Poseidona aims to deliver a protein product that meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.

Poseidona’s efforts align with a broader trend in the food industry, where innovators are exploring alternative protein sources to meet the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly options. As concerns about food security and environmental sustainability mount, the need to maximize resource utilization becomes increasingly urgent.

With its initial focus on developing a soy alternative protein concentrate, Poseidona aims to address the pressing need for nutritious and eco-friendly protein sources. By utilizing side-streams and waste materials from food production processes, Poseidona contributes to the circular economy while offering consumers a viable alternative to conventional protein sources.

Supported by a recent pre-seed funding round led by Faber and backed by prominent investors in the climate tech and blue economy sectors, Poseidona is poised to accelerate its research and development efforts. With plans to expand its product offerings and explore new seaweed species, Poseidona aims to establish itself as a leader in the sustainable protein market.

Looking ahead, Poseidona remains committed to its mission of leveraging innovative technology to address pressing environmental challenges while providing consumers with nutritious and sustainable food options. By harnessing the potential of invasive algae and agricultural side-streams, Poseidona is paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient food system.

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