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Plannin: A New Global Travel Booking Platform Leverages Travel Influencers to Assist People with Trip Planning

Image Credits: Plannin
By: Headliners News / June 13, 2024

Andrew Loewen and Randy Schartner, who previously co-founded and held executive roles at Priceline, have recently introduced Plannin, a new global travel booking platform. This innovative service leverages travel influencers to assist users in planning their trips, allowing these influencers to monetize their hotel recommendations and share travel-related content.

In the rapidly growing creator economy, which is projected to generate $250 billion in revenue, Plannin aims to revolutionize travel booking by positioning influencers as an alternative to traditional travel agents. Through Plannin, influencers can share details about their trips, recommend hotels, and post travel photos. They earn income by sharing an affiliate link on social media, enabling their followers to sign up on Plannin. Travelers can then access a vast array of recommendations from creators and book hotels directly through the platform.

A standout feature of Plannin is its 5% lifetime commission model. Influencers earn a commission on any bookings made by their followers through Plannin, as long as the follower’s account remains active. This model ensures that these lifestyle influencers benefit financially from their audience over time, accommodating the non-impulsive nature of travel purchases, which often occur weeks after initial engagement.

By putting influencers at the core of its strategy, Plannin ensures a continuous stream of engaging content and user traffic. This approach also provides travelers with authentic recommendations from trusted influencers who share similar tastes and interests. Despite potential concerns about the honesty of influencer recommendations driven by financial incentives, the platform relies on the deep connections influencers have with their audiences to maintain trust and authenticity.

Plannin has already integrated over 600 influencers, accumulating around 5,000 posts and 1,500 recommendations. While the platform typically approves creators with more than 10,000 followers, it also considers micro-influencers who specialize in travel content. With a search capability spanning over 2 million hotels globally, Plannin has partnered with Booking Holdings, which includes brands like Priceline, Agoda,, and OpenTable.

This startup travel booking platform aspires to be a comprehensive booking solution, encompassing the entire travel experience. This summer, Plannin will expand to allow influencers to recommend restaurants, tours, attractions, and other activities. Upcoming partnerships with GetYourGuide and OpenTable will further enable travelers to book dining reservations and activities seamlessly. Additionally, Plannin is set to launch “Trip Boards,” where creators can compile complete itineraries, showcasing hotels, restaurants, and attractions in one cohesive plan based on their travel experiences.

Currently in beta, Plannin is preparing for an official launch. The company secured $2.5 million in funding last year from Golden Ventures, N49P, and former Booking Holdings CEO Jeffery Boyd, with plans to raise additional venture capital this summer.

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