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Pimento: Using Generative AI to Turn Creative Briefs into Visual Mood Boards

Image Credits: Pimento
By: Headliners News / December 18, 2023

In the vibrant, digital landscape of everything creativity, where ideas take shape and projects find their visual identity,  Pimento, an innovative French startup is leveraging generative AI to redefine the ideation and moodboarding process. The tech startup recently announced the successful funding round of $3.2 million (€3 million) from an intriguing lineup of investors, Pimento aims to transform the initial steps of creative endeavors.

Pimento has emerged as a crucial tool for creative teams embarking on projects such as brand redesigns, ad campaigns, video games, or animation movies. Positioned as the go-to resource on the first day of a project, Pimento facilitates the research process, allowing users to compile a reference document encompassing images, text, and colors that set the tone for the entire project.

During the early phases of ideation, clients and managers often provide directions that can change, leading to iterative processes and potential restarts. Pimento steps in to streamline this phase, offering a platform where users can explore diverse directions rapidly, backed by the creative insights derived from AI models.

The potential of AI models is huge, as they bring a wealth of knowledge that no designer will ever have. These AI models have seen a lot of things because they were originally trained with data from Japan and Latin America. Pimento’s goal is to enhance creativity by providing a tool that accelerates exploration and ultimately results in higher-quality projects.

Pimento’s seed round, led by Partech and Cygni Capital, saw participation from notable angel investors, including Julien Chaumond (Hugging Face), Stanislas Polu (Dust), Thibaud Elzière (Hexa), and other industry leaders.

The platform distinguishes itself by tailoring AI-generated content to users’ initial briefs, creating a personalized creative companion. Pimento users can iterate on the platform’s output, merging images, selecting colors, and reusing text to refine their vision further.

To use Pimento, users input project instructions and add a few initial images, and the AI models then generate images, text, and colors aligned with the user’s creative brief. Pimento offers a dynamic interface with buttons to generate images, text, or colors at any point in the creative process. Users can save interesting propositions and share the final board with the team or clients.

Co-founder Florent Facq emphasizes the flexibility of interaction within Pimento, acknowledging that the future involves various ways to engage with AI models beyond a simple chat interface.

Looking ahead, Pimento plans to introduce additional features, allowing users to customize shared boards and interact with content in more diverse ways. Currently utilizing fine-tuned open source models like Stable Diffusion, Llama, and soon Mistral AI, Pimento’s roadmap indicates a continuous evolution, with the recent funding injecting momentum into its product development journey. As companies embrace the transformative potential of Pimento, the intersection of artificial intelligence and creativity takes center stage in reshaping the landscape of ideation and moodboarding.

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