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Pelikan Mobility: Transitioning Commercial Fleets to EVs with A Software-enabled Leasing Solution

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By: Headliners News / March 26, 2024

Meet Pelikan Mobility, a new and innovative tech startup who is on a mission to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) for commercial fleets through its innovative software-enabled leasing solution. Recognizing the challenges faced by commercial fleet operators in adopting EVs due to cost and complexity, the French startup has developed a platform that addresses these obstacles head-on. Recently, Pelikan Mobility secured a €4 million seed round from Pale Blue Dot, Frst, Seedcamp, and other investors to fuel its ambitious plans.

Traditionally, commercial fleet operations and financing have been tailored for vehicles with internal combustion engines, presenting hurdles for transitioning to EVs. Pelikan Mobility’s platform offers a solution by optimizing fleet operations with EVs, even for fleets that are not entirely electric. By leveraging historical data and ingesting fleet operational data, Pelikan Mobility’s software can create optimization scenarios that consider factors such as charging times, pricing for diesel and EV charging, range, and parking space availability.

Moreover, Pelikan Mobility’s platform goes beyond everyday optimization by simulating long-term scenarios, including different vehicle designs and charging station setups. This comprehensive approach helps fleet operators make informed decisions about transitioning to EVs, considering both operational and capital expenditures.

Pelikan Mobility also aims to disrupt the traditional leasing model for commercial vehicles, which tends to favor short-term contracts. Recognizing the longevity of EVs compared to diesel vehicles, the startup advocates for longer leasing plans to better align with the lifecycle of EVs. Longer contracts mitigate the risks associated with resale value fluctuations, making EV leasing more financially viable for fleet operators.

With plans to roll out its leasing offerings this summer, Pelikan Mobility is poised to revolutionize the commercial EV leasing market. By combining software optimization with innovative leasing solutions, the startup aims to make it easier for fleet managers to embrace EVs. With seven customers already onboard, Pelikan Mobility is paving the way for a more sustainable future in commercial transportation.

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