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neuroClues Aims to Revolutionize Brain Health Diagnosis with High-Speed Eye-Tracking Tech

Image Credits: neuroClues
By: Headliners News / May 30, 2024

The eyes are not only windows to the soul but also valuable indicators of brain health. French-Belgian medtech startup neuroClues is harnessing this insight by developing accessible, high-speed eye-tracking technology integrated with AI-driven analysis. Their goal? To simplify the diagnosis of neurodegenerative conditions and make eye tracking a staple in healthcare settings.

Starting with a focus on Parkinson’s disease, neuroClues is revolutionizing how clinicians assess patients’ brain health. Traditionally, doctors rely on manual tests like asking patients to follow their finger. But neuroClues envisions a future where portable headsets capture eye movements at 800 frames per second, providing rapid, accurate insights within seconds.

Co-founded by neuroscience researchers, neuroClues aims to address the high rates of misdiagnosis in Parkinson’s disease. Beyond Parkinson’s, they envision their technology becoming a “stethoscope for the brain,” offering quick brain health scans during routine visits. From concussion to Alzheimer’s, their eye-tracking protocols could transform diagnosis across various conditions.

In their pursuit of regulatory approval, neuroClues is filing applications with the FDA and EU to establish their device as a clinical support tool. The device works by prompting patients to follow dots on a screen while capturing and analyzing their eye movements. By measuring metrics like latency and error rate, clinicians can assess brain health biomarkers and compare them against standardized benchmarks.

While other companies offer eye-tracking solutions, neuroClues stands out with its dedicated headset designed for clinical settings. Unlike off-the-shelf hardware, their device records at high speed and doesn’t require specialized setups, making it accessible to clinicians. With patents covering key aspects of their technology, neuroClues is poised to lead the market in eye-tracking innovation.

Backed by a €5 million pre-Series A round led by White Fund and the European Commission’s EIC Accelerator program, neuroClues is well-positioned for growth. This innovative startup has a vision that extends beyond diagnosis, aiming to provide actionable insights directly to practitioners. With plans to raise a Series A in the next 12 to 18 months, neuroClues is on a mission to transform brain health diagnosis and empower clinicians worldwide.

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