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Metafuels: Creating Greener Skies with Sustainable Jet Fuel for The Aviation Industry

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By: Headliners News / December 13, 2023

Embarking on a mission to transform the aviation industry’s environmental footprint, Metafuels has just secured an $8 million financing infusion, adding to its arsenal as it strives to paint the skies green. Nestled in the heart of Zurich, the company is not just picking up suitcases; it’s picking up the gauntlet to usher in a new era of sustainable jet fuel.

Metafuels dubs its groundbreaking fuel “aerobrew,” a name that might conjure images of a French press or perhaps a boomerang, but behind the playful nomenclature lies a serious commitment to greener skies. The key to their sustainable aviation fuel (eSAF) magic? Renewable electricity.

With a primary focus on jet fuel, Metafuels is on a mission to produce a 100% synthetic jet fuel substitute by 2030. They’ve christened it aerobrew, a fuel that seamlessly integrates into existing global renewable energy systems, offering an energy solution that transcends traditional fossil fuel supply chains. A bold vision indeed, with Metafuels eyeing a future where their technology outshines competitors like LanzaJet.

Leigh Hackett, Metafuels’ co-founder and CCO, underscores the paramount importance of operational safety, emphasizing the need for their fuel to perform flawlessly in the harshest environments, from the freezing heights to the scorching tarmac.

The recent $8 million investment, led by Energy Impact Partners and Contrarian Ventures, propels Metafuels closer to its ambitious goals. The company anticipates that the rising costs of conventional fuels, impending environmental taxation, and growing stakeholder demands for sustainability will offset the initial production costs of its eSAF.

Metafuels’ eSAF technology operates like a symphony, orchestrating the transition from fossil-based kerosene using a process that converts green methanol to eSAF. Methanol, a key player in this sustainable dance, is produced from hydrogen (H2) and sustainably sourced carbon dioxide. Green H2, generated through water electrolysis driven by renewable electricity, and CO2 captured from biogenic sources, form the building blocks of this eco-friendly aviation elixir. Metafuels even envisions a poetic twist – direct air capture, taking gas, putting it into planes, soaring through the air, and returning it to the atmosphere.

The team behind Metafuels has unveiled the simplicity behind the complexity. Once they were able to get past the building blocks of selecting sustainably sourced carbon and hydrogen, they are now into a relatively straightforward,  groundbreaking technology that can convert those components into jet fuel. The real beauty of Metafuels’ aerobrew lies in its ability to fuel aircraft without any modifications, paving the way for a seamless transition until battery or hydrogen-powered planes take flight in earnest.

A testament to the company’s commitment to sustainable aviation, Metafuels is poised to leave an indelible mark on the future of air travel. Follow this innovative startup’s journey as they seek to create cleaner, greener skies, one sustainable fueled jet a time.

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