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Maxwell-Scott: Creating Timeless, Sustainable Luxury Italian Leather Bags and Accessories

Image Credits: Maxwell-Scott
By: Headliners News / January 11, 2024

Founded in 2002 by the English entrepreneur William Scott Forshaw, this family-run business embraces the principles of superior quality, timeless style, and enduring durability. A luxury brand that truly cares, Maxwell-Scott prides itself on sustainably sourcing the finest full grain leather and entrusting expert artisans in Italy to handcraft premium leather bags and accessories at a distinguished atelier. The company’s confidence in the quality and craftsmanship is evident in the inclusion of a 25-year warranty with every purchase, reflecting a commitment to creating products designed to last a lifetime.

The bespoke in-house embossing service allows customers to add a personal touch to their Maxwell-Scott bags or accessories. Committed to ongoing green initiatives, the company ensures eco-friendly practices in both its head office and Italian atelier. The full grain leather used is sustainably and responsibly sourced as a byproduct of the food industry. Customer feedback speaks to the world-class quality of products and exceptional customer service, reinforcing the belief in fine quality, genuine leather goods made to last.

Maxwell-Scott - Business Woman Leather Bag

Maxwell-Scott, represented by the emblem with a heart, signifies the dedication of Italian leather artisans and the eternal promise to offer luxury leather bags of unparalleled quality. The commitment to lasting quality extends to a unique 25-year warranty and friendly customer service, ensuring that each luxury Italian leather bag or accessory is crafted, quality checked, wrapped, and delivered with pride and care.

In the Maxwell-Scott family, Peter Maxwell Forshaw, the brother of William, serves as the company’s Director. William Scott Forshaw, the company director, incorporates his middle name, Scott, into the brand. The extensive collection of over 100 different types of bags, all made from the finest Italian leathers, underscores the brand’s dedication to offering a diverse range of products.

The journey began when William Scott Forshaw observed a lack of high-quality leather briefcases in the market. Focused on designing a luxury men’s briefcase that would endure, he founded Maxwell-Scott. The search for the finest quality materials led him to a family-run factory in Tuscany, where he collaborated with Orazio, Italy’s most dedicated leather craftsman. Together, they created the Paolo briefcase, which remains a best-seller. The atelier in Italy, where the distinctive aroma of natural and traditionally tanned “Vachetta” leather fills the air, reflects Maxwell-Scott’s commitment to a unique and premium product.

This design & fashion company exclusively uses full grain leather sourced from the uppermost layer of the hide, renowned for its impeccable quality, durability, and natural aesthetic. As the leather ages, it develops a striking patina, making each Maxwell-Scott keepsake unique. The traditional 60-day tanning process, using chestnut and bark, is environmentally conscious and organic, honoring a sustainable method promoted by the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium. Chemical tanning is eschewed in favor of this labor-intensive but worthwhile process.

At the core of Maxwell Scott’s leather craftsmanship is Orazio, the head of the Italian family with almost 75 years of experience in the leather industry. His unparalleled skill and knowledge, passed down through generations, make him an integral part of the brand’s commitment to quality and tradition. Maxwell-Scott trusts Orazio with its leathercraft, honoring a tradition that has endured since the company’s inception.

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