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Leonardo.AI: Unleashing the Artistic Power of Generative AI for Creatives

Image Credits: Leonardo AI
By: Headliners News / December 13, 2023

In the vibrant landscape where innovative technology intersects with creativity, Sydney-based startup Leonardo.AI is making waves with its generative AI art production platform, catering to both consumers and enterprise users. The company has just announced a significant milestone—a $31 million USD funding round featuring investors like Blackbird, Side Stage Ventures, Smash Capital, TIRTA Ventures, Gaorong Capital, and Samsung Next.

Established just last year, Leonardo.Ai has swiftly emerged as a prominent player in the generative AI space. The platform, designed for consumers and enterprise clientele, has witnessed remarkable growth, boasting seven million users since December, collectively generating over 700 million images. The startup recently expanded its horizons with the introduction of an enterprise version, equipped with collaboration tools and the capability of private cloud hosting. Enterprise users gain access to APIs, empowering them to construct their tech infrastructure on top of Leonardo.Ai’s platform, starting with its production API.

Leonardo AI - User Dashboard

Targeting individuals in creative industries such as gaming, advertising, fashion, and architecture, Leonardo.Ai empowers users to save, edit, and build multiple assets in a consistent style for reuse. Additionally, users can train their own models for image generation, offering flexibility and customization. The platform caters to diverse use cases, from creating storyboards in video production to crafting mockups of gaming characters.

CEO and co-founder J.J. Fiasson’s journey into generative AI began with Google Deep Dream’s launch. His fascination with the possibilities led him to delve deeper into the generative AI landscape at his previous startup, gaming studio Raini Studios. Reflecting on the genesis of Leonardo.Ai, Fiasson started to think about the potential applications of using generative AI within the framework of content creation. It was still early days, in 2021, but they went down the rabbit hole playing with a lot of the generative AI tools that are out there.

While Leonardo.AI initially focused on game asset content creation, it expanded its vision to encompass a broader spectrum of scenarios. Today, there are a lot of different vertical use cases of the platform, and their team has built Leonardo.AI in a way, and will continue to build out their platform in a way that will continue to support multiple use cases.

Leonardo.Ai’s differentiator lies in the degree of control it provides users, setting it apart from other generative AI art platforms. Leveraging open source technologies and training on synthetic data and Creative Commons sources, the platform empowers users with a unique level of control. The Live Canvas feature, for instance, enables users to input a text prompt and create a quick sketch, with Leonardo.AI generating a photorealistic image in real time based on both prompts.

With the recent injection of $31 million in funding, Leonardo.AI is poised for further expansion. The new source of funding will be instrumental in hiring additional team members for sales, marketing, and engineering, supporting the scaling of its enterprise product. As Leonardo.AI continues to chart its path at the intersection of art and artificial intelligence, their commitment to high-quality user control and utility sets the stage for a compelling evolution in the generative AI landscape.

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