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Kognitos: Helping Businesses Optimize Their Back Office Processes with AI Automation

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By: Headliners News / December 20, 2023

In the quest for operational efficiency, businesses often face tough choices such as budget cuts or workforce reductions. However, Binny Gill, co-founder of Kognitos, argues that companies can enhance efficiency without making drastic decisions by embracing automation. Kognitos, founded in 2020, specializes in automating business processes, offering a solution to the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

Gill emphasizes the transformative potential of technology, particularly AI, in improving productivity, agility, and resilience. Despite concerns about job losses due to automation, proponents like Gill highlight its potential to eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more engaging and fulfilling aspects of their work.

In the midst of the pandemic, the founder’s son embarked on the task of creating the classic game of tic-tac-toe using Python. Impressed by his son’s accomplishment, the founder couldn’t help but reflect on his own experience 30 years ago when he had created the same game at the same age. This realization led him to ponder the apparent stagnation in the ease of programming over the decades, despite a broader understanding of it among people.

Motivated to simplify the process, the founder challenged his son with a more complex programming task: determining whether a number is prime. The traditional approach of asking his son to “think like a machine” proved unproductive. It was only when the founder introduced the concept of “pseudo code” – an explanation of the program’s functionality in his son’s words – that progress was made. However, the initial enthusiasm waned, and the son expressed reluctance to continue coding after a few hours.

Perplexed by the persistent difficulty in programming, even with decades of innovation and numerous programming languages, the founder sought a solution for his son. Determined to find a language that resonated with his son, the suggestion was met with a surprising response. The son pointed to the pseudo code he had effortlessly written in five minutes for the prime number problem and questioned, “Why can’t this work?” Comparing it to the simplicity of virtual assistants like Alexa, the son wondered why programming couldn’t be as intuitive. This revelation sparked the birth of Kognitos.

Inspired by his son’s programming experience during the pandemic, Gill founded Kognitos to create a platform that enables business users to automate tasks using plain English instructions. The platform competes with established players like UiPath and Automation Anywhere, but Gill positions Kognitos as a more sophisticated and intuitive option. The platform can translate English instructions into workflow automations, identifying errors and allowing users to make corrections, continuously improving over time.

Kognitos currently supports a variety of tasks across different markets, including voice transcription, image editing, QR code scanning, data visualization, and PDF form filling. The company recently secured $30 million in a funding round led by Khosla Ventures, with participation from Clear Ventures, Engineering Capital, and Wipro Ventures. The funds will be allocated to product development, expanding partnerships, and integrating with third-party business apps.

Their objective is to revolutionize business processes by automating tasks and minimizing manual efforts through an advanced AI-native automation platform. This innovative system is meticulously crafted to interpret English into meaningful automations, engaging in dialogue with business subject matter experts when necessary.

Leveraging cutting-edge generative AI and a pioneering human language interpreter, Kognitos empowers business users to drive innovation without overburdening their IT departments with requests.

The primary aim is to bridge the divide between computer and human languages, ensuring seamless communication between machines and individuals. Kognitos positions itself as the essential interpreter, utilizing the prowess of Artificial Intelligence to facilitate this bridging process.

This groundbreaking interpreter for human language, uniquely designed to engage in dialogue with business users where traditional interpreters might fail, has the potential to unleash innovation for billions worldwide. This approach democratizes the power of development, granting anyone capable of teaching another human the abilities of a developer.

With notable clients like PepsiCo and Wipro already using its products, Kognitos aims to further develop its unique value proposition and navigate the changing landscape of technology’s role in business during the ongoing tech sector slowdown.

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