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Kinnect: The Platform for Families to Privately Record & Preserve Generational Memories, Traditions, and Stories

Image Credits: Kinnect
By: Headliners News / June 19, 2024

Meet Kinnect, a newly launched startup, aims to provide a platform for families to privately record and preserve generational memories, traditions, and stories. Founded by Omar Alvarez in May 2023, the app offers invite-only spaces where users can share images, videos, audio, and text with their family members, ensuring that precious memories are kept within the family circle.

Alvarez’s inspiration for Kinnect stems from personal loss. His grandfather’s battle with Alzheimer’s and the passing of his best friend from leukemia underscored the importance of preserving memories. Initially, Alvarez and his family sought ways to record his grandfather’s memories but were unable to do so before his passing. Later, his best friend expressed a desire to leave messages for his wife, a wish that further motivated Alvarez to develop Kinnect.

The app’s name, Kinnect, reflects Alvarez’s inclusive vision of family, encompassing both blood relatives and chosen family members. Alvarez, who is Latino and gay, designed Kinnect to be a platform where everyone, regardless of their family structure, can store and share their generational memories.

Upon starting with Kinnect, users are prompted to identify their goals, such as capturing life lessons, preserving family history, remembering loved ones, or sharing moments. The app’s home feed, similar to those on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, displays updates from family members in the user’s private space.

A standout feature of Kinnect is “Storybooks,” which allows users to organize memories into digital albums based on various topics. This feature helps families compile chapters of their ongoing story, accessible to future generations. For those unsure about where to start, the app offers “Guided Storytelling” prompts, which will eventually be personalized using AI, to help users contribute meaningful content.

Kinnect is designed for users of all ages, from teenagers to grandparents, emphasizing ease of use for elders. Currently available on iOS, the startup plans to release an Android version soon. While basic features are free, users can opt for an annual subscription to access unlimited Storybooks and uploads. The individual plan costs $70 per year, while the family plan, accommodating up to six members, is priced at $130 annually.

Looking ahead, Alvarez envisions expanding Kinnect beyond digital solutions to foster in-person connections, recognizing the mental health benefits of real-world interactions and a sense of belonging. The startup has garnered $100,000 in funding from Techstars’ Rising Stars program, which supports underrepresented founders in the U.S., and is also part of an accelerator program by Slauson & Co.

Kinnect’s mission is to provide a seamless, private platform for families to capture and cherish their collective memories, ensuring that the stories of today are preserved for future generations.

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