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Kelvin: Revolutionizing Home Energy Audits with AI to Help Combat Climate Change

Image Credits: Kelvin
By: Headliners News / July 10, 2024

Meet Kelvin, an innovative French startup founded in October 2023 by Clémentine Lalande, Pierre Joly, and Guillaume Sempé, is leveraging AI to transform home energy audits, a critical step towards mitigating climate change. By utilizing computer vision and machine learning, Kelvin aims to streamline the process of assessing home energy efficiency, making it easier and more accurate.

The construction industry, especially in the realm of home renovations, remains one of the least digitized sectors. This lag in technological adoption hampers efforts to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In Europe alone, there are approximately 300 million homes needing renovation over the next 30 years. For instance, France’s National Housing Agency (ANAH) has set a target of renovating 200,000 homes in 2024, but the current pace of work by traditional craftsmen is insufficient to meet these goals.

Kelvin offers a purely software-based solution for home energy audits, avoiding the complexities of creating a marketplace or directly engaging with customers. The startup has developed its own AI model, tailored to home energy assessments, using a combination of open data, satellite images, and its proprietary training datasets.

Key Features

  1. Data Integration: Kelvin integrates over 12 different data sources, including satellite images and other semi-public or open data, to gather comprehensive information about a building’s thermal performance.
  2. Machine Learning Models: The startup employs machine learning to analyze these data sources and detect features such as adjoining buildings, solar panels, and ventilation units. This includes a remote inspection tool that guides users on which photos and videos to collect, ensuring thorough and accurate data capture.
  3. Remote Inspection: The AI model processes normal photos and videos, allowing the tool to be used at scale without needing advanced equipment like lidar sensors. This approach democratizes access to high-quality energy audits.
  4. Detailed Assessments: Kelvin’s models can identify and count radiators, detect doors and ceiling heights, and determine the types of boilers or ventilation units present, all from simple photos and videos.

Target Market

Kelvin targets various potential clients, including construction companies, the real estate industry, and financial institutions interested in financing home renovation projects. Accurate energy assessments are crucial for these stakeholders to make informed decisions about investments and renovations.

Performance and Accuracy

Initial tests show Kelvin’s AI-powered home energy assessments are accurate within 5% of traditional methods. This high level of precision positions Kelvin as a reliable and scalable solution for energy audits, facilitating easier comparisons between different homes and renovation projects.

Funding and Growth

To date, Kelvin has successfully raised €4.7 million ($5.1 million), with Racine² leading the round and a non-dilutive investment from Bpifrance. Other investors include Seedcamp, Raise Capital, Kima Ventures, Motier Ventures, and several business angels. This funding will support Kelvin’s mission to scale its technology and expand its market reach.

Kelvin is poised to make a significant impact on the construction industry and climate change efforts by modernizing the home energy audit process. By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, Kelvin provides a scalable, accurate, and efficient solution for assessing and improving home energy efficiency. This innovative approach not only helps in reducing CO2 emissions but also paves the way for more sustainable living environments globally.

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