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Inngest: Making it Easy for Developers to Build and Manage Serverless Backends

Image Credits: Inngest
By: Headliners News / February 9, 2024

Meet Inngest, a new and innovative tech startup that is highly dedicated to simplifying the development and management of serverless backends. The tech startup has secured $6.1 million in a recent funding round spearheaded by Andreessen Horowitz. GGV, Afore Capital, and Guillermo Rauch, the CEO and co-founder of Vercel, also participated in the funding round.

Inngest’s platform empowers developers to concentrate on constructing serverless, event-driven backend workflows without grappling with the intricacies of infrastructure and workflow execution mechanisms at scale. Notably, Soundcloud has recently migrated its video generation and transcoding workflows to Inngest. Founders Tony Holdstock-Brown (CEO) and Dan Farrelly (CTO) highlighted the incorporation of new flow control features, streamlining concurrency management down to the user level. This not only aids in the development and administration of multi-tenant applications but also provides enhanced controls for organizations deploying AI workloads in production.

The team behind Inngest has been steadfast in its commitment to constructing ‘durable workflows,’ allowing workflows to lie dormant for extended periods and swiftly resuming operation as needed. The platform seamlessly handles queues and database states, eliminating the need for developers to undertake any specialized efforts. Furthermore, the recent addition of flow control features has only further enhances Inngest’s capabilities.

Acknowledging the surging trend of enterprises harnessing AI in their applications, Inngest has strategically implemented multi-level virtual queues, providing superior control over throughput for a diverse set of users. Prioritization features have also been introduced to alleviate resource competition for OpenAI or model resources. Additionally, Inngest has broadened its language support, encompassing TypeScript, Python, and Go SDKs, allowing users to seamlessly migrate between them without interrupting functions. Other noteworthy features recently introduced by the Inngest team are Replay, enabling teams to recover from incidents by rerunning failed jobs in bulk, and their advanced observability tools.

The new funding infusion, totaling $6.1 million, will be pivotal for Inngest’s expansion and fortifying its team. The focus remains on ensuring the platform’s reliability, especially as it scales to accommodate a growing user base. Holdstock-Brown has emphasized the meticulous hiring process to onboard top talent to support the company’s growth trajectory. With enterprises recognizing the extent of data processed through Inngest’s system, there is a heightened demand for services such as data export to data warehouses and ETL operations.

This aligns with the prevailing trend in the enterprise space where businesses seek consolidated solutions capable of multitasking across diverse operations. Inngest’s unique capabilities and commitment to adaptability are positioning the startup brand as a central player in the serverless backend development landscape around the world.

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