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Inflow: Connecting Small Fashion Brands with Top Manufacturers in Vietnam

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By: Headliners News / December 7, 2023

In addressing the challenges faced by startups and small fashion brands in leveraging Vietnam’s manufacturing prowess, Inflow has emerged as a transformative force, connecting these smaller fashion brands with vetted, top-rated manufacturers through its innovative sourcing platform. In recent news, Inflow proudly announced that they have successfully raised seed funding round, while securing $2 million from several notable venture capital investors such as AppWorks, 500 Global, January Capital, Spiral Ventures, and Saison Capital.

Vietnam’s textile and garment sector accounts for 16% of the country’s total GDP, yet so many small garment brands often struggle to tap into this massive manufacturing potential. Inflow’s sourcing platform fills this void, providing small brands with insights into manufacturers’ supply chains and facilitating connections with those willing to undertake smaller garment production runs.

Over the past year, Inflow has experienced some remarkable growth, with revenue surging by more than 15x. This innovative sourcing platform is now embraced by over 80 fashion brands across Southeast Asia. Inflow’s production network spans 150 manufacturers and suppliers, catering to brands with a yearly revenue of $200,000 and above. The platform equips small brands with valuable tools, including inventory forecasts, data-driven factory matching, and merchandise management, empowering them to compete with larger counterparts.

In a bid to streamline the entire production process, Inflow boasts a production timeline that can drastically reduce sample production to seven days, with a 45-day turnaround. Notably, their sourcing platform supports small-batch orders, with minimum quantities starting from just 50 units. This flexibility enables these smaller fashion brands to scale production based on product performance.

Founder Khanh Le, drawing on 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, recognized the traditional hurdles faced by small brands in Vietnam when seeking reliable manufacturing partners. Motivated by the industry’s untapped potential for smaller players, Le established Inflow, leveraging data-driven matching to connect small fashion brands with Vietnam’s factory network.

In addressing common challenges for startups and smaller brands, Inflow helps streamline the process of finding trusted partners, reducing the typically lengthy two to three-month duration to a more efficient timeline. The platform’s pre-screened network of partners ensures reliability. Additionally, Inflow provides real-time updates into the manufacturing process, a crucial feature for smaller fashion brands that are often situated throughout the United States or Europe.

Beyond the connectivity, Inflow offers very valuable information such as inventory forecasts based on historical customer and sales data, aiding these smaller fashion brands in making better informed production decisions. Their platform emphasizes ethical practices, subjecting manufacturers and suppliers to a rigorous vetting processes and frequent audits to ensure adherence to global standards regarding workers’ benefits, working conditions, and material processing.

The recently secured seed funding will help propel Inflow’s research and development efforts, while advancing its supply chain and manufacturing technology. With the goal of enabling smaller fashion brands to bring new designs to market within 30 days at minimum order quantities of 50, Inflow is poised for further innovation. The startup also plans to establish sales channels in developed markets and forge partnerships with fashion export companies in regions such as throughout U.S. and Europe too.

Vishal Harnal, a managing partner at 500 Global, commends Inflow’s potential to seize the growing onshoring opportunity for Vietnam in the global garment industry, citing the platform’s connected, convenient, and scalable approach to fashion supply chain technology for smaller brands.

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