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Hoop is Revolutionizing AI Task Management for Busy Professionals

Image Credits: Hoop
By: Headliners News / July 1, 2024

Meet Hoop, a new and innovative tech startup founded by former Trello employees, is set to revolutionize task management with AI-driven automation. Recently, the company announced a successful $5 million seed funding round led by Index Ventures, with participation from Origin Ventures, Divergent Capital, and Chingona Ventures.

The core concept behind Hoop is to leverage artificial intelligence to automatically capture tasks from various sources like Google Meet, Zoom meetings, Slack messages, and eventually emails. This approach aims to relieve users from the burden of manually inputting tasks into their to-do lists, addressing the common frustration of productivity tool management becoming a drain on productivity itself.

Stella Garber, CEO of Hoop and former head of marketing at Trello, along with co-founders Brian Schmidt and Justin Gallagher, recognized the overwhelming nature of modern work environments flooded with meetings and messages. Their collective experience at Trello, where Schmidt handled operations and legal affairs and Gallagher was instrumental in product development, laid the foundation for Hoop’s innovative approach.

Garber emphasized that Hoop’s genesis stemmed from a desire to recapture the entrepreneurial magic of Trello’s early days, this time focusing on integrating AI from the outset rather than retrofitting existing platforms. While AI-powered transcription and note-taking bots are not new in today’s tech landscape, Hoop distinguishes itself by centering its AI capabilities specifically on enhancing productivity through task management.

Currently designed primarily for individual users, Hoop plans to expand its functionalities to include team features in the future. Garber highlighted the company’s commitment to refining the user experience for individuals before scaling up for team collaboration. Although Hoop presently resembles a standard to-do list application, the roadmap includes introducing diverse views and enhanced collaborative tools over time.

In addition to securing funding from institutional investors, Hoop attracted notable angel investors such as Wade Foster (CEO of Zapier), Job van der Voort (CEO of Remote), and Andy Dunn (former CEO of Bonobos), among others. This diverse backing not only validates Hoop’s potential but also underscores the confidence of industry leaders in its innovative approach to task management for businsesses.

With its foundation firmly rooted in AI and a team enriched by experience from Trello, Hoop is poised to redefine how individuals and teams manage tasks amid today’s demanding work environments.

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