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Guided Energy: The Operating System for Managing and Charging EV Fleets

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By: Headliners News / February 12, 2024

Guided Energy is tackling the complexities faced by electric vehicle (EV) fleet operators dealing with charging logistics. As the adoption of EVs in fleets grows, the demand for efficient charging solutions becomes increasingly crucial. The startup’s platform considers various factors, including charging prices, charging speed, and distance between charging points and vehicle locations, to optimize charging schedules. By aggregating data from both EVs and charging points, Guided Energy provides a unified and real-time view of EV operations for fleet managers. Guided Energy’s technology aims to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of EV fleet management.

The core challenge Guided Energy addresses is the diverse charging infrastructure and pricing landscape for EVs. Fleet managers often deal with in-house charging points reaching capacity, leading to challenges in finding available charging stations. Guided Energy provides a solution that not only optimizes charging decisions but also integrates seamlessly into existing telematics and supervision platforms through APIs. This ensures a holistic view of EV operations, making it easier for fleet managers to manage their electric vehicle fleets.

The startup’s customers, including several major players like Sixt and Addison Lee, have found value in Guided Energy’s platform. As EV adoption continues to rise globally, the need for sophisticated charging management tools becomes paramount. Guided Energy’s approach leverages machine learning and data aggregation to provide actionable insights, contributing to the efficient operation of EV fleets.

With plans to double their vehicle tracking capabilities in the coming months, Guided Energy aims to expand its footprint and help more fleet operators navigate the complexities of EV charging. The startup‘s subscription-based model, priced between €30 and €40 per vehicle per month, positions it as a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to optimize their EV fleet operations.

As the EV market evolves, solutions like Guided Energy’s are likely to play a crucial role in ensuring seamless and efficient charging experiences for fleet managers, promoting the broader adoption of electric vehicles in commercial operations.

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