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Guardrails AI: Mitigating The Challenges of Harmful Content Generated by AI Models and More

Image Credits: Guardrails AI
By: Headliners News / February 27, 2024

Meet Guardrails AI, an innovative tech startup founded by Shreya Rajpal, who is aiming to address the challenges of responsibly deploying AI applications, especially when it comes to mitigating harmful content generated by AI models, such as misinformation and biased output. Rajpal, along with co-founders Diego Oppenheimer, Safeer Mohiuddin, and Zayd Simjee, has developed a platform that acts as a wrapper around various AI models, making them more secure and reliable. What sets Guardrails apart is its open-source business model, offering its platform codebase on GitHub for free use.

Guardrails AI recognizes the increasing concerns around the deployment of AI models, especially regarding the unwanted and toxic content generated by models like ChatGPT. Many organizations often struggle with the complexities of managing the risks associated with AI applications. Guardrails’ platform introduces a unique crowdsourced approach through the Guardrails Hub, a marketplace where developers can submit modular components called “validators.” These validators assess GenAI models for specific behavioral, compliance, and performance metrics. The Hub encourages collaboration, allowing developers to share knowledge and build reusable guardrails that enhance AI adoption.

The tech platform includes approximately 50 validators addressing issues like hallucinations, policy violations, information security, and code vulnerabilities. While other companies offer products to mitigate unwanted content from AI models, Guardrails AI’s open-source model and crowdsourced approach set it apart. The startup believes that the Hub will create an open forum to share knowledge and build reusable guardrails that any organization can adopt to customize its AI models.

Guardrails AI recently raised $7.5 million in a seed round led by Zetta Venture Partners, with participation from Factory, Pear VC, Bloomberg Beta, GitHub Fund, and angel investor Ian Goodfellow. The funding will be used to expand the startup’s team and work on additional open-source projects. Guardrails AI aims to address a critical need in the industry, fostering safer and more responsible AI adoption by leveraging the collective expertise of developers and organizations.

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