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Groover: Connecting Tastemakers with Artists Who Want to Find & Grow Their Audience

Image Credits: Groover
By: Headliners News / February 26, 2024

Finding new and good music can be a cumbersome task. From trying to find recommendations on Spotify, to asking friends or trying to Shazam a song in passing, finding good new music online is getting a little easier. Meet Groover, who is carving a unique niche by connecting artists with tastemakers to help them find their audience. Founded in 2018 in Paris, this innovative startup addresses the challenges independent musicians face in promoting their work amid algorithm changes on platforms like Spotify and the evolving strategies of music publications.

The music platform allows independent artists to submit their music to individual curators who, in turn, provide feedback and amplify music they find noteworthy. The founders, inspired by the increasing ease of music creation, set out to tackle the promotion hurdles faced by artists seeking the right curation and exposure.

Recently securing an $8 million Series A funding round led by OneRagtime, Techmind, Trind, and Mozza Angels, Groover aims to utilize the funds to expand further into the U.S., its largest market, and introduce new features such as coaching and promotion resources for artists.

What sets Groover apart is its business model: the 3,000 music curators on the platform set their own price, with the transaction revenue split equally between the curator and Groover. Artists receive a refund if a curator doesn’t listen to their song within seven days, but the platform boasts a 90% response rate within that timeframe.

While the concept of artists having direct relationships with curators is appealing, the rise of pay-to-play dynamics in the industry raises concerns. Groover’s model involves curators promoting music they were paid to listen to, a departure from traditional, earned promotion. However, in a landscape where solid music journalism is shrinking and independent musicians face limited cost-effective options, Groover presents itself as a pragmatic solution.

Romain Palmieri, co-founder and CEO of Groover, acknowledges the challenges but emphasizes that many independent artists lack better alternatives. The platform offers a more affordable and direct approach for artists compared to relentless pitching to music publications or investing in PR, which doesn’t guarantee success.

Palmieri notes that Groover benefits music curators as well, providing a streamlined system to discover promising talent in the ever-growing sea of new music. The platform allows curators to be compensated directly for their work, making their job more manageable.

While the pay-to-play aspect raises concerns, the response rate, cost-effectiveness, and artist-friendly approach position Groover as a pragmatic solution in the challenging landscape of music promotion. In a similar vein, other startups like GigFinesse are also stepping up to streamline the process for musicians and venues, offering clear solutions for both sides of the music industry. As the music community grapples with these challenges, startups like Groover play a crucial role in helping both artists and industry professionals thrive.

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