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Glass Unveils AI-Powered Smartphone Camera Upgrade, GlassAI, Revolutionizing Image Quality

Image Credits: Glass
By: Headliners News / February 28, 2024

Meet Glass, a very innovative tech startup aiming to enhance smartphone camera capabilities, has introduced an AI-powered camera upgrade named Glass AI. This software-driven solution aims to significantly improve image quality without introducing any undesirable AI upscaling artifacts. Glass represents a purely software approach known as a neural image signal processor (ISP) to enhance images by converting raw sensor output into sharp, colorful images.

Traditional ISPs play a crucial role in transforming raw, flat, noisy, and distorted sensor output into the final images we see. While smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Google incorporate AI in their ISPs to synthesize multiple exposures, detect and sharpen faces, and address tiny movements, the challenge lies in avoiding AI-related hallucinations or artifacts. Glass takes a unique approach by focusing on a software-driven neural ISP that seeks to avoid these issues.

Glass works by restoring networks, addressing optical aberrations and sensor issues while efficiently removing noise. The platform aims to outperform traditional Image Signal Processing pipelines, enhancing fine texture recovery in images. Glass adopts a multi-model framework that breaks down user questions into individual components, distributing them among specialized models. The neural ISP extracts details from raw imagery, contributing to better image quality.

The startup’s innovative approach has garnered attention, with the company securing $9.3 million in funding led by GV, along with participation from Future Ventures, Abstract Ventures, and LDV Capital. Glass aims to offer its AI-powered camera technology to Android phone manufacturers, providing a one-size-fits-all solution that automates the tuning process for image quality, reducing the time and effort typically invested by phone makers in tuning their ISPs. With an end-to-end approach, Glass AI processes sensor RAW data directly into the final image without additional denoising or sharpening processes.

The availability of Glass marks a significant step for the startup as it continues to innovate and attract funding to further develop its camera technology. The tech startup’s unique approach to enhancing smartphone cameras through software-driven solutions could potentially disrupt the industry, offering improved image quality and efficiency.

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