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General Galactic: Turning Air and Waste CO2 into Clean Fuels with Renewable Electricity

Image Credits: General Galactic
By: Headliners News / May 13, 2024

Picture this: Apple’s sleek microprocessors and Tesla’s Superchargers—these tech giants nail tight integration, crafting key components in-house for top-notch products. Now, a stealthy newcomer, General Galactic, aims to bring this playbook to the e-fuel game, slashing prices for hydrocarbons produced from captured carbon dioxide.

The brainchild of co-founder and CEO Halen Mattison’s SpaceX stint, General Galactic traces its roots back to a burning question: “How do we fuel up on Mars?” he pondered. While SpaceX passed on the idea, Mattison and Luke Neise saw a golden opportunity to tackle the Earth’s emissions puzzle.

Fast forward to 2022, fresh out of Stanford, the startup kickstarted General Galactic. Armed with a $1.9 million pre-seed round from heavyweights like Box Group and Refactor, they set their sights on a lofty goal: crafting methane cheaper than drilling it from the ground.

Their secret sauce? A holistic system designed in-house—capturing CO2, whipping up hydrogen from water, and voilà, churning out methane—all powered by renewable electricity. Unlike others focusing on one slice of the pie, General Galactic integrates the entire stack, selling fuel, not gear, to drive costs down.

They’re breaking the mold by modularizing key components. This modular mojo streamlines production, slashes transport woes, and cuts construction headaches for commercial plants.

Currently, General Galactic’s methane reactors churn out a daily dose of 2,000 liters. Why methane over sustainable aviation fuel? Simple—methane’s ubiquitous, fueling various sectors, unlike niche aviation fuel.

But let’s not sugarcoat it—General Galactic’s audacious plan isn’t a walk in the park. Tackling engineering hurdles head-on, from direct air capture to electrolysis, is no small feat. Yet, armed with a solid science foundation, General Galactic’s eyeing a methane revolution—one modular component at a time.

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