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Gabriel: Helping Create Safer Neighborhoods in Latin America

Image Credits: Gabriel
By: Headliners News / January 15, 2024

In a bid to address safety concerns and information-sharing challenges in Latin America, entrepreneurs Erick Coser and Otávio Costa Miranda returned to Brazil in 2019 to establish Gabriel, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at creating safer neighborhoods across the region.

Recognizing the discrepancy between the high adoption of private CCTV systems by Brazilian citizens and the low number of cameras per thousand citizens, Coser and Costa Miranda identified a critical gap in urban safety infrastructure. While cities like New York and Los Angeles boast 10 cameras per 1,000 people, São Paulo, considered Brazil’s best-monitored city, only has one camera per thousand people.

To bridge this gap, Gabriel was founded in 2020, drawing inspiration from successful models in Europe. The company focuses on integrating smart cameras, known as “Chameleons,” into homes and businesses, creating what Costa Miranda refers to as “Latin America’s largest urban intelligence infrastructure.” Subscribers, including private citizens and homeowner associations, contribute to the network, and data extracted from these cameras is made available to authorities to enhance public safety.

Gabriel has rapidly expanded its reach, claiming ownership of the densest camera networks in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo within the past three years. The network, consisting of thousands of smart cameras, has played a pivotal role in helping law enforcement identify an average of six crimes per day, marking a significant 5x increase in the past 12 months.

The company’s success is not only evident in its impactful contributions to public safety but also in its business transformation. Gabriel has shifted from a negative gross margin to one with SaaS-like margins, doubling its revenue year over year and increasing its average ticket.

To further enhance their technological capabilities, Gabriel secured $7 million in new funding in a round co-led by Qualcomm Ventures and Astella, with participation from existing investors such as SoftBank, Canary, LTS, Globo Ventures, Norte, and Endeavor. The infusion of funds will be directed towards the development of technology that enables security businesses, governments, agents, and third-party providers to operate Gabriel’s system on a self-serve basis.

Erick Coser expressed the startup’s bold vision of making Latin America safer, emphasizing the need for continued efforts to build a world-class video monitoring system with city-wide abnormalities detection and dispatch capabilities. This startup plans strong investments in the takeover of São Paulo in 2024 and anticipates launching in new cities by 2025. Gabriel’s commitment to leveraging technology for urban safety positions it as a key player in reshaping security infrastructure across Latin America.

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