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Fused: Streamlining Satellite Imagery Visualization from Geospatial Data

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By: Headliners News / March 8, 2024

In the great expanse of space and world of geospatial data, a cutting-edge startup is making waves by simplifying the visualization of satellite imagery. Fused, the brainchild of former Uber engineers Sina Kashuk and Isaac Brodsky, has unveiled its innovative platform after securing $1 million in pre-seed funding.

The Fused platform is a three-part system designed to transform satellite data into actionable insights. Leveraging serverless computing and open-source tooling, the startup aims to streamline the process of creating visual representations of phenomena like weather patterns, deforestation, or crop data. What sets Fused apart is its emphasis on simplicity and lightning-fast processing speeds.

As the co-founder and CEO of Fused, Sina Kashuk explained, the journey to their current solution involved overcoming challenges encountered in a previous venture called While addressing a similar data visualization problem, faced difficulties in reaching the market due to its predominantly open-source nature. Their team noted that the main challenge they had with Unfolded was that it was very hard to get to market because the majority of the platform was open source, and the market resisted paying to use the platform due to it being open source.

Learning from this experience, Kashuk and Brodsky recognized the opportunity in processing data from the growing number of commercial satellites. They identified the backend data processing as a crucial challenge and a potential business avenue. Fused’s platform acts as a middleware processing layer, converting geospatial data into a more digestible format.

Built with Python, a widely used language among data scientists and developers, Fused utilizes open-source components and a serverless processing engine. The platform monetizes through the serverless backend, with Fused receiving payment each time data hits the API gateway.

The speed at which Fused creates visualizations is a standout feature. Instead of taking hours, the platform accomplishes the task in seconds, providing a significant advantage. The Fused Workbench, a key component for creating visualizations, has been unveiled alongside the tech platform launch. While partially open, it complements the backend API, allowing users to interact with data and witness instant changes.

Launched last year, Fused has been collaborating with early beta customers before emerging from stealth mode. The $1 million pre-seed funding was secured from Fontinalis Partners and various industry angels, solidifying Fused’s position as a transformative player in the geospatial data arena.

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