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Flavrs: Helping Foodies Discover Recipes, Shop Ingredients & More

Image Credits: Flavrs
By: Headliners News / November 7, 2023

In a remarkable expansion of their offerings, Flavrs, the acclaimed iOS app tailored to food enthusiasts everywhere, is unveiling an innovative takeout feature and harnessing the capabilities of AI-driven recommendations, all through a distinctive integration with OpenAI. The brainchild of Alejandro Oropeza, YouTube’s former global head of creator marketing, and François Chu, a former Google engineer, Flavrs entered the culinary scene in September 2022 with a resounding impact, securing $7 million in seed funding from tier-1 VC backers such as Andreessen Horowitz, Wellington Access Ventures, and renowned culinary maestros.

This new trajectory signals a solid paradigm shift for Flavrs, transcending its original purpose as a platform for unearthing shoppable recipes to evolving into a comprehensive food discovery and ordering hub. The foodie app boasts a dynamic interface reminiscent of using TikTok, while serving up an array of engaging videos featuring top-tier chefs and creative culinary minds. What sets Flavrs apart is its seamless integration with Instacart, which enables users to procure the ingredients they need directly from within the app while their attention and intent is highest.

Their newest introduction of the takeout feature propels Flavrs into a league of its own. As culinary enthusiasts stumble upon the large variety of tantalizing dishes showcased in the videos, they now have the option to swiftly place takeout orders. Flavrs effortlessly ushers them to renowned delivery services like Uber Eats, streamlining the entire culinary experience.

Alejandro Oropeza paints a vivid picture of the app’s overarching vision for people to imagine watching all of the best food videos and then being able to shop for everything you see — the ingredients, takeout, and more. That would look like getting the required ingredients from Instacart, takeout from Uber Eats, and buying your favorite chef-approved pans, knives, and more – all in one easy place.

Additionally, Flavrs has ventured into the realm of AI-powered recommendations, fostering a customized partnership with OpenAI. This integration empowers content creators on the platform to tailor their videos to suit individual preferences across an extensive spectrum of over 30 food categories. These personalized recommendations encompass culinary nuances like cuisine, cooking techniques, allergens, complexity of preparation, dietary constraints, and estimated cook times, among other facets.

Oropeza elucidates the mechanics of this innovative feature, wherein creators upload their videos alongside plain-text recipes. A groundbreaking proprietary integration with OpenAI converts these plain-text recipes into “smart” videos that are not only shoppable but also comprehensible as culinary content. This transformative approach enables content to be recommended to users in highly personalized and distinctive ways, minimizing the need for creators to invest significant time in manual tagging and filtering. The custom integration takes the raw text and transforms it into captivating content aligned with the unique tastes of each viewer.

Since their stealthy startup entrance into the market, Flavrs has witnessed an astonishing 80-fold growth in its user base, while the growing community of highly engaged content creators has surged eightfold in just three months.

Looking ahead to the future and as things scale, their vision is to become the category-defining food content and commerce experience for the 500M+ people all around the world who live to eat. In doing so, Flavrs will provide a simple to use platform catered to the best chefs, food content creators, and local restaurants, so they connect with highly engaged audiences around the world. With their unique blend of culinary creativity, technology, and convenience, Flavrs seems poised to reshape how the world connects through the universal language of food.

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