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Eyebot AI-Powered Kiosks Provide Rapid Vision Exams and Prescriptions in 90 Seconds

Image Credits: Eyebot
By: Headliners News / July 2, 2024

Meet Eyebot, a highly innovative Boston-based startup, has emerged from stealth mode with a mission to revolutionize vision exams using AI-powered kiosks that deliver prescriptions in just 90 seconds, without the need for an on-site optometrist. This innovation addresses a pressing issue in the United States where a shortage of eye care professionals often leads to long wait times for appointments, particularly in rural areas.

Founded by Matthias Hofmann, who previously worked at EyeNetra, a pioneer in smartphone-based vision testing, Eyebot utilizes computer vision technology to scan users’ eyes at self-serve kiosks located in shopping centers, grocery stores, and pharmacies across New England starting from October. The kiosks, approximately five feet tall, automate the process of extracting eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions. While they cannot perform initial contact lens fittings, they can update existing prescriptions efficiently.

Once the vision exam is completed, Eyebot forwards the results to teledoctors for finalization within 24 hours. Consumers can opt to pay $30 for the exam if they wish to purchase glasses from any retailer, but the exam is free if they choose to buy from Eyebot’s partner brands. The technology is FDA registered, ensuring compliance and safety standards.

Eyebot’s business model revolves around partnerships with major eyeglass brands, who can rent these kiosks and place them strategically in retail locations. This setup allows consumers to purchase glasses directly from the kiosk or via their smartphones, providing a seamless retail experience that integrates physical and digital channels.

The startup has secured $6 million in a seed funding round led by AlleyCorp and Ubiquity Ventures, with additional investments from Humba Ventures, Village Global, Baukunst, Ravelin, and Spacecadet. This capital infusion will fuel Eyebot’s expansion into new geographical markets beyond New England.

Hofmann believes the demand for Eyebot’s service is robust, driven by both consumers seeking convenient vision care solutions and retailers looking to enhance their customer offerings. As partnerships with large eyewear retailers are being finalized, Eyebot aims to establish its presence in diverse retail environments, including CVS, Walgreens, Stop and Shop, Kroger, and college campuses.

In summary, Eyebot’s innovative approach to automated vision testing and prescription delivery marks a significant advancement in accessible eye care services, promising to streamline the process and improve convenience for consumers while opening new avenues for retail engagement in the eyewear industry.

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