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Expressable Brings Caregiver-led 1-on-1 Speech Therapy Directly to Homes

Image Credits: Expressable
By: Headliners News / June 11, 2024

Pediatric speech therapist Leanne Sherred has consistently faced difficulties in implementing caregiver-led therapy within conventional care environments.

Research highlights the effectiveness of caregiver-led speech therapy, which focuses on training caregivers to utilize therapeutic techniques at home. However, Sherred noted significant challenges for therapists, including limited access to caregivers and educational and technological obstacles.

Back in 2020, as the pandemic emerged, Sherred identified an opportunity to revolutionize speech therapy by adopting a tech-centric approach that emphasizes caregiver involvement. Collaborating with Nick Barbara, Spencer Magloff, and Ryan Hinojosa, she co-founded Expressable. This innovative tech platform provides one-on-one virtual sessions with speech-language pathologists, bringing therapy directly into the home.

The team at Expressable has described the platform as offering multimedia home programming, interactive weekly practice activities, therapist SMS support, and much more. Further emphasizing that speech therapy isn’t just limited to one to two times per week, void of caregiver participation.

Expressable is accessible through various insurance plans, including Medicaid, and offers private pay rates, accepting HSAs and FSAs. The platform matches patients with therapists who develop personalized treatment plans and conduct regular online sessions with patients and their caregivers.

Some elements of the treatment plan are designed for patients to complete independently via Expressable’s self-service platform, allowing caregivers to monitor progress toward specific goals and milestones.

Expressable’s speech therapy solutions cater to both adults and children with a range of conditions, including language disorders, speech delays, aphasia, stuttering, and autism spectrum disorder. Unlike many telehealth startups, Expressable employs its specialists as W2 employees, which, while increasing its licensing burden, equips the company to manage complex speech cases requiring long-term treatment plans.

Furthermore, Expressable integrates caregivers into the therapeutic process, enhancing outcomes by extending care into the home.

Despite a downturn in capital access within the digital and telehealth sectors post-pandemic, Expressable has defied the trend, recently securing a $26 million Series B round led by HarbourVest Partners, with contributions from Digitalis Ventures, F-Prime Capital, and Lerer Hippeau. With $50 million raised to date, Expressable aims to refine its care model and technology, expand payer relationships, and grow its therapist network and operational team. The company is also exploring AI applications to enhance client experiences and operational efficiency.

Currently, there are a number of relevant AI use cases that their team is currently exploring or adapting to in order improve the client experience, such as cataloging common speech errors and reducing administrative burdens on clinicians. If you or a loved one is in need of speech therapy, consider Expressable today.

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