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Dutch: Pioneering Online Veterinary Care and Tailored Prescriptions

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By: Headliners News / November 10, 2023

Why do numerous pets continue to grapple with treatable chronic conditions? Dutch seeks to address this pressing concern by making high-quality veterinary care available 24 hours a day to pet owners.

Dutch stands out as one of the premier online veterinary pet telehealth services, designed in collaboration with board-certified veterinary experts. Leveraging a methodology rooted in science, their aim is to alleviate many of the common physical and behavioral health concerns of pets. Dutch offers pet owners the convenience of connecting with licensed veterinarians through video chats and messaging, ensuring timely care for their dogs or cats without the associated stress or costs of traditional vet visits.

The company also helps facilitate the delivery of prescription medication (subject to state regulations) and over-the-counter treatments directly to one’s residence. It’s important to note that Dutch is not a veterinary practice or pharmacy in itself, but rather a pioneering entity dedicated to streamlining these services, making veterinary care more reachable for pet enthusiasts everywhere.

Dutch delves deeper than mere symptom alleviation. They aim to comprehensively understand and address the often-overlooked conditions of our pets, ensuring a holistic approach to their health and well-being.

Dutch’s Medical Approach to Pet Care

  1. Medical Expertise at the Forefront: Recognizing that medical issues necessitate medical resolutions, Dutch collaborates closely with board-certified behaviorists and dermatologists. The resultant treatment plans seamlessly integrate medication, therapeutic interventions, and training exercises, all underscored by scientific validation.
  2. Prompt and Proactive Care: Understanding the anxiety of prolonged waits between appointments, Dutch guarantees that their veterinarians will respond within a 24-hour window. Moreover, these professionals take the initiative to monitor the progress of their furry patients regularly.
  3. Hassle-Free Delivery: Dutch simplifies the treatment process further by ensuring that every prescribed plan is delivered to your doorstep monthly, eliminating the need for pharmacy visits.

The Visionaries Behind Dutch

Dutch is the brainchild of experts well-versed in telemedicine and veterinary science. Joe Spector, previously associated with Hims, and Dr. Brian Evans, the founder of Coastal Animal Hospital, jointly perceived a glaring void. They recognized the stark disparity between pets enduring health challenges and the availability of specialized, top-tier care.

Dutch emerged from this realization, envisaged as a platform that seamlessly marries modern telemedicine with specialized treatments, all grounded in scientific principles. The overarching mission? Ensuring every pet can avail the care it truly deserves, paving the way for a healthier and more joyful life.

Affordable Membership Plans for Healthier Pets

Members of Dutch can enjoy exclusive access to U.S.-licensed veterinarians through video chat and messaging for a maximum of 5 pets. Across numerous states, the veterinarians can issue prescriptions for pets, expanding the range of services. These skilled professionals devise personalized treatment plans for each pet, incorporating prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, behavioral adjustments, dietary recommendations, and enrichment advice. The Dutch membership package encompasses complimentary standard shipping, unrestricted follow-up consultations with veterinarians through messaging and video calls, and emergency insurance coverage of $10,000 through the Protector plan. It’s important to note that the membership does not cover the cost of medications.

With Dutch, you can get unlimited access to licensed vets online — no stress, no long waits, no bill surprises. Their membership plans start at just $11/month and offer unlimited vet visits and follow-ups, prescriptions delivered for free, and where all veterinarians are 100% licensed.

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