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Dripos: The Comprehensive Coffee Shop Point of Sale Operating System

Image Credits: Dripos
By: Headliners News / May 21, 2024

When the pandemic hit, small coffee shops were hit hard. Foot traffic dwindled, and survival relied on embracing technology for online orders and payments.

A flux of new startups like Joe Coffee, Odeko, and Cloosiv, all aimed at aiding coffee shops in navigating the digital world. These ventures attracted venture capital, highlighting investors’ keen interest in the intersection of tech and coffee culture.

Jack Pawlik and Avery Durrant embarked on a similar journey in 2019 with Dripos, initially aiming to assist local coffee shops in crafting mobile ordering apps. However, conversations with shop owners unveiled a more profound issue: the fragmented nature of their point of sale software tools.

Many relied on basic point-of-sale systems like Square, supplemented by a plethora of other software pieces. Dripos pivoted to offer a comprehensive solution, aiming to replace Square, Toast, and eight other software tools with one unified platform.

Dripos integrates point-of-sale, mobile payments, employee management, loyalty programs, and administrative functions like accounting and banking into a single platform. Manny Carral, owner of Revolucion Coffee + Juice, attests to its efficacy, noting its ability to streamline operations and enhance the customer experience.

With Dripos rapidly gaining traction—expanding its presence to coffee shops across 46 states and witnessing a 400% increase in adoption—the startup recently secured $11 million in Series A funding. Led by Base10 Partners, known for backing industry giants like Plaid and Instacart, the round also saw participation from Cota Capital and prominent angel investors.

Their investors have emphasized that Dripos’ customer-centric approach and visionary leadership is top notch. Furthermore highlighting the founders’ keen understanding of coffee shop owners’ pain points and their relentless pursuit of tailored solutions.

As Dripos sets its sights on technology development and market expansion, fueled by the Series A funding, it epitomizes the seamless convergence of tech and coffee culture, with a promise to revolutionize the coffee shop experience.

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