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Draftboard: Empowering Businesses to List Job Referral Bonuses for Anyone

Image Credits: Draftboard
By: Headliners News / April 26, 2024

Meet Draftboard, the brainchild of Zach Roseman, former CEO of Mosaic, who offers a groundbreaking approach to recruiting by opening up role referral bonuses beyond the confines of traditional employee networks. Founded on the premise of leveraging the power of external referrals, Draftboard empowers individuals outside organizations to scout for top talent and compete for referral bonuses.

Roseman, drawing from his experience at IAC, recognized the inefficiencies plaguing conventional recruitment processes, characterized by overwhelming resume influxes and costly AI screening solutions. Draftboard seeks to streamline this process by tapping into existing referral bonus programs and harnessing the expansive networked world to identify exceptional candidates efficiently.

The platform operates on a simple yet effective model: companies post referral bonuses, and referrers, dubbed “scouts” by Draftboard, actively engage their networks to identify suitable candidates. As referrals progress through the recruitment pipeline, scouts are graded based on the quality of their recommendations, incentivizing high-caliber referrals.

Initially sourcing its pool of referrers through targeted outreach efforts, Draftboard embraces inclusivity by eschewing stringent requirements for participation. Instead, the platform employs a data-driven approach, allowing referrers to self-regulate their engagement through reputation scores and minimum score thresholds set by companies.

Dispelling notions of traditional headhunting, Roseman asserts Draftboard’s distinction lies in democratizing the referral process, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds, including recruiters and tech professionals, to participate. This inclusive approach resonates with brands seeking innovative talent acquisition solutions, with notable companies like SeatGeek, Via, and Formlabs already onboard.

Investors have also taken note of Draftboard’s disruptive potential, evidenced by the startup‘s successful $4.1 million funding round led by Founder Collective and Twelve Below, valuing the startup at $13 million. Roseman underscores Draftboard’s unique proposition in contrast to conventional job boards, emphasizing its focus on connecting referrers directly with companies to facilitate talent acquisition devoid of inherent biases.

With ambitions to expand its marketplace and enhance platform capabilities, Draftboard plans to allocate its early capital towards team growth and ecosystem development. Positioned at the intersection of technology and recruitment, Draftboard signifies a paradigm shift in talent acquisition, promising to revolutionize the way businesses identify and engage top-tier talent.

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