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Diddo: Aiming to Power Shoppable TV with a Groundbreaking API Expansion

Image Credits: Diddo
By: Headliners News / May 16, 2024

Picture this: You’re binge-watching your favorite show, and suddenly, you spot the perfect outfit on one of the characters. With Diddo, that outfit is just a click away. Diddo’s groundbreaking API integrates shoppable videos into streaming platforms, allowing viewers to purchase the clothing and accessories they see on-screen. The startup recently announced a successful $2.8 million seed funding round to drive its expansion.

Founded in late 2022 by Rishi Nair, Ryan Sullivan, and Pamela Chen, Diddo started as a Google Chrome extension catering to “Selling Sunset” fans eager to emulate their favorite reality TV stars. Now, armed with proprietary computer vision AI technology, Diddo has evolved into a robust API that identifies products in TV shows and movies. Notably, it offers shoppers affordable alternatives to high-end items, making fashion accessible to all.

Leading the seed funding round is Link Ventures, with participation from Neo, industry luminaries like Erica Lockheimer (LinkedIn), and Scott Forstall, renowned for his role in creating iOS at Apple. The fresh injection of capital will fuel product development and team expansion, including the recent appointment of Rob Sussman, former Sundance CFO, as COO.

Diddo’s client roster boasts 12 partnerships with notable platforms like Dailymotion and social sports app PlayersOnly, with ongoing discussions underway with streaming giants like Hulu. Setting itself apart, Diddo’s API integrates seamlessly within a platform’s video player, eliminating the need to send video data outside the ecosystem.

Addressing challenges, Nair explains their innovative time-stamped approach to product identification, reducing strain on user devices. Unlike other solutions requiring QR codes or intrusive ads, Diddo ensures a seamless viewing experience, enhancing engagement without disruption.

After the episode ends, viewers can peruse an interactive storefront featuring all identified items, completing purchases through native checkout capabilities. With integrations across major e-commerce platforms, Diddo not only facilitates transactions but also leverages user data to offer personalized recommendations.

Taking a modest 4% to 6% fee on purchases, Diddo’s recent funding underscores the growing demand for shoppable TV experiences. As industry giants like Paramount and Amazon embrace similar technologies, Diddo stands at the forefront, transforming how viewers interact with content, one click at a time.

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