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Dealt Helps Retailers Enhance Their Offerings by Turning Them into Service Providers

Image Credits: Dealt
By: Headliners News / July 2, 2024

Meet Dealt, formerly known as Mon Super Voisin, has successfully navigated a pivotal transformation that underscores the flexibility and strategic foresight necessary for startup growth. Recently securing a €6 million funding round led by La Poste Ventures, the French startup has redefined its business model from a traditional freelancer marketplace to a pioneering service platform for retailers.

Initially launched as Mon Super Voisin, the platform connected users with local freelancers for various home tasks. Despite initial traction, the startup realized a critical limitation—many tasks were one-off services that did not foster repeat business. Users often bypassed the platform after finding service providers, diminishing its sustainability.

Recognizing an opportunity in post-purchase services, Dealt pivoted towards collaborating with retailers to enhance their customer service offerings. Partnering with prominent brands like Mr. Bricolage, Dealt now operates a white-label platform that integrates seamlessly into retailers’ operations. This innovative platform empowers retailers to provide a variety of installation services for products such as light fittings, curtain rails, and appliances, enhancing the overall customer experience and generating new revenue streams.

Dealt’s CEO has mentioned that over two-thirds of their users’ requests were actually retail customers that needed help after purchasing something. This insight led Dealt to leverage its technology as a service solution, facilitating transactions between retailers and service providers under a subscription model. This approach ensures transparency in pricing, benefits retailers with a share of transaction revenue, and provides service providers with a new client base.

The strategic pivot has proven successful, with a growing roster of clients including major retailers like Jardiland, Truffaut, Fnac Darty, and Orange. These partnerships extend beyond traditional retail services to encompass repairs, data transfers, and appliance resale—diversifying Dealt’s portfolio and enhancing its market presence.

With 10,000 service providers, 500 retail stores, and 40 e-commerce clients currently onboard, Dealt plans to expand its footprint across Europe, beginning with Belgium, Switzerland, and Spain. The recent funding round will fuel this expansion and further development of its platform capabilities.

Dealt’s evolution from a peer-to-peer marketplace to a pivotal player in retail service solutions underscores the importance of adaptability in the startup ecosystem. By aligning its offerings with the needs of retailers and leveraging technology to streamline operations, Dealt exemplifies how strategic pivots can unlock new growth opportunities and secure investor confidence in a competitive market landscape.

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