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Chiyo: Supporting Postpartum Moms with Personalized Food-as-Medicine Nutrition Programs

Image Credits: Chiyo
By: Headliners News / April 2, 2024

Meet Chiyo, a food-as-medicine startup dedicated to supporting postpartum moms with personalized nutrition, recently secured $3 million in funding to expand its services and develop a digital platform for self-guided nutrition programs. Led by CEO Irene Liu and co-founder Jennifer Jolorte Doro, Chiyo offers meal delivery services, digital guides, and health coaching to assist women from fertility through postpartum.

Inspired by her Taiwanese heritage and background in nutritional science, Liu conceived Chiyo after witnessing her mother’s use of traditional Chinese medicine meals to support her aunt during postpartum recovery. Recognizing the lack of holistic nutrition support in the U.S., Liu aimed to leverage food as medicine to create tailored nutrition programs for mothers.

Chiyo’s journey began with a pilot program in New York City, offering a five-week postpartum meal delivery service. The overwhelming response prompted Liu and Doro to establish Chiyo in 2020, shipping meals nationwide from New Jersey. Since then, Chiyo has served over 100,000 meals, achieving a 300% revenue growth in the last 12 months.

With the recent funding infusion, Chiyo plans to expand its offerings beyond postpartum care, aiming to cater to the full spectrum of women’s health needs. This includes a menstrual cycle fertility program and the development of a digital platform for personalized self-guided nutrition programs. Users will be able to rate the efficacy of each solution, contributing to Chiyo’s research database of nutrition for women’s health.

The $3 million investment, led by Bread & Butter Ventures, will support Chiyo’s distribution expansion through clinics and practitioner communities. Additionally, Chiyo aims to demonstrate the return on investment in nutrition and healthcare cost savings, ultimately seeking reimbursement for its programs. Collaborations with clinics and hospital systems are underway to integrate Chiyo’s nutrition services into existing healthcare frameworks, providing patients with comprehensive nutritional support.

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