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Catalog: Building a SaaS-based B2B Commerce Platform Specifically for SMBs

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By: Headliners News / March 11, 2024

Meet Catalog, a French startup, is making waves in the B2B commerce platform realm, specifically targeting small and medium-sized companies with annual revenues ranging from $5 million to $100 million. While major players like Adobe Commerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud cater to large enterprises, Catalog aims to provide a software-as-a-service solution that seamlessly manages B2B sales across various channels for smaller businesses.

Unlike other platforms, Catalog integrates tightly with the existing tech stack of its target companies, which typically manage a significant portion of their B2B activity in their ERP systems. The startup focuses on enhancing efficiency in order processing and information entry for businesses already using ERP systems, avoiding duplicating functionalities found in tools like Shopify.

Catalog recognizes the unique challenges faced by smaller companies engaged in B2B sales, where interactions often happen over the phone or via email. To address this, Catalog provides an online portal for clients who prefer a direct ordering experience and a face-to-face sales approach for those who choose to order products after meeting with a salesperson. The platform becomes a valuable companion tool for the sales team, offering access to the catalog, order history, and pricing information.

One notable feature of Catalog is its use of AI models to scan inbound emails, transforming free-form conversations into orders within the platform. This functionality aims to streamline order processing and enhance the overall customer experience. Additionally, Catalog can serve as a marketing platform for existing customers, enabling companies to run targeted campaigns and promotions based on historical buying patterns.

Recently, Catalog secured €3 million (approximately $3.3 million) in a funding round led by LocalGlobe, with participation from investors such as Helloworld, Kima Ventures, Motier Ventures, and ATI. The startup, originally founded at Hexa, a Paris-based startup studio, plans to utilize the funds to expand its services and cater to a broader range of small and medium-sized businesses. Catalog’s subscription-based pricing model ensures that customers won’t face increased costs as they scale their usage, providing an attractive solution for handling the majority of B2B orders in this market segment.

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