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Cambium: Developing a Recycled Wood Supply Chain for Businesses Demanding Sustainable Materials

Image Credits: Cambium
By: Headliners News / April 16, 2024

Meet Cambium, a very innovative startup who is on a mission to revolutionize the wood industry by establishing a recycled wood supply chain. With global wood demand projected to surge by 54% by 2050, the need for sustainable solutions is urgent. While materials like steel enjoy consistent recycling, wood often ends up in landfills or as mulch, with only 5% to 10% being reused.

Cambium aims to bridge the gap between suppliers of recycled wood and businesses in need of sustainable materials. By leveraging technology, Cambium connects those with surplus wood to buyers seeking eco-friendly options. Co-founder and CEO Ben Christensen envisions a future where carbon-smart, locally salvaged wood is readily available to construct buildings, furniture, and more.

Cambium doesn’t just facilitate transactions; it provides a comprehensive solution. The company offers software for inventory management and point-of-sale systems to suppliers, enhancing efficiency and transparency in the supply chain. For buyers, Cambium ensures visibility into the wood’s origin, enabling them to make environmentally conscious choices by selecting local vendors.

The demand for sustainable wood is growing, and Cambium is meeting it head-on. By tapping into this market need and leveraging technology, the company has garnered significant interest from both suppliers and buyers. Moreover, Cambium benefits from a generational shift as younger professionals in construction and related trades embrace technology and prioritize environmental sustainability.

Since its founding in 2019, the startup has secured over $8.5 million in funding from notable investors like The Alumni Fund, Gaingels, and MaC Venture Capital. With its innovative approach and growing demand for eco-friendly materials, Cambium is poised to reshape the wood industry for a more sustainable future.

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